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Tailwind Weekly #13: V1.3 is here folks 🚀!

Hello again folks! We had a busy week in Tailwind Land, we had a new official release (V1.3)m got a n
Tailwind Weekly #13: V1.3 is here folks 🚀!
By Vivian Guillen • Issue #13 • View online
Hello again folks! We had a busy week in Tailwind Land, we had a new official release (V1.3)m got a new update for (FINALLY) and our pal Steve added 15 new icons to Heroicons!

Adam Wathan
🚀 Super excited to announce the release of Tailwind CSS v1.3!

Read up on all new features here👉

No breaking changes (of course), just `npm install tailwindcss@latest` and you're ready to go 💪
Man, this release sure packed a lot of new stuff! I think my favorite feature is being able to add breakpoint-specific padding for the container class, call me old fashioned but I really missed that from my Bootstrap days and usually resorted to adding custom css. No more, now its a native feature baby 🤩!
Utkarsh Kukreti
Just added support for Tailwind 1.2 on You can also now import the `@tailwindcss/ui` plugin! @tailwindcss #tailwindcss (Bug reports welcome at
This has been long overdue! For those of you who don’t know, is like a playground (think codepen, jsfiddle, etc) for testing tailwind markup, it has become quite popular in the discord since its very useful for debugging stuff, the bad thing was that it was stuck at V1.1 but we finally got support for V1.2!
Steve Schoger
🥳 Added 30 new icons (15 in each set) to Herocions this morning. Check them out 👉
This is more or less a tangent but I do wanted to mention it, I’m loving Heroicons and our friend Steve just added new ones, go check it out!
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