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Who has the largest net worth on YouTube?


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February 14 · Issue #2 · View online

We provide top technology news, with investigative reporting and in-depth coverage of vital issues regarding tech, economics, and changes in society.

Social media is a lucrative channel for brands. It gives them unprecedented access to the world’s most powerful influencers, allowing them to shape the conversation, and the economics of social media make it worth their while. A large number of people are keen to learn about products and celebrities’ lifestyles. Therefore, articles who allude to money and fame as measurements of success are more common than ever before.
In our StarStat new worth tracker, we’re looking at the ethics of wealth and inequality. Featuring new episodes every Wednesday, this series examines a variety of economic issues and human behavior. And it’s going to make you think.

Net wort
Net wort
Celebrity Net Worths That Will Shock You
 Often, income is incorrectly used as a proxy for self-worth. In particular, the potential monetary value of fame is often linked to successful people, making them think their worth is derived from their wealth rather than their character and achievements (which may be more important). This can leave them confused about their own happiness and purpose in life.
 Society suffers, and children suffer, when people are poorly paid. If people are underpaid, they are less likely to work hard and will eventually become criminals. Low wages result in individuals feeling they don’t have the power to affect change in their lives and blame themselves for their troubles. Real-world consequences from this kind of thinking include early childhood deaths from starvation; substandard education; and wage theft — in which companies are accused of inappropriately withholding wages without working out a contract.
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How do you feel about celebrities with high net worths?
Net worths can be influenced by lifestyle habits — this includes eating habits and drinking patterns. While it’s important to acknowledge wealth, it’s equally important to express gratitude for what people have given to you and your life.
Celebrities are more than just actors and singers. They’re the faces of our brands. Brands want celebrities to endorse them because they have appeal, recognition, and star power. In a sense, celebrities represent the brand’s very image. The more powerful the celebrity, the more powerful their endorsement will be.
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