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June 7 · Issue #4 · View online

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There’s a lot of music on the internet. All genres, to suit even the most demanding tastes. And almost any music can be listened to for free online without registration. There are several ways to do this.

Old Radio
Old Radio
Method 1: Yandex Music
Yandex Music is the world’s largest free legal audio site. It has more than 16 million tracks.
  1. Excellent audio quality.
  2. 100% legal: license agreement with rights holders.
  1. Available only for Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan.
  2. Not all music is available - even very famous artists may be missing.
  3. Restrictions if used without registration.
Method 2: Smart radio
Smart radio has become quite widespread on the Internet. Older internet users simply call it a radio or a radio site.
The principle is this: you open a particular site and specify the audio you like. It can be a particular artist or just a genre (rock, jazz, chanson, etc.). Smart radio automatically selects the songs you are most likely to like. You turn them on and listen to them.
As in the case of regular mp3 download sites, there are a lot of such “smart” radio stations. But the security and legitimacy of these resources is questionable. Therefore, I will tell you about only two that are not in question.
Last.fm is the main representative of smart radio and also the world’s largest catalogue. There’s an incredible number of tracks, even some very rare ones. The numbers speak for themselves: 54 million artists, 200 million albums, 640 million tracks.
You can listen to music and watch videos - clips, live shows - for free, without registering. It’s true that your options are limited, but you can extend them with a free registration.
Also, there are various programs and extensions for browsers that make listening easier. But to use them, you must still be registered.
Method 3: Ordinary radio station
This is an ordinary radio that you listen to through your receiver. The fact is that almost every wave has its own official website. And on it, you can usually listen to the radio station live.
As you know, there are thousands of such radio sites on the Internet. After all, even in small towns in our country there are their own unique radio stations. What to say about other countries.
Finding your favorite wave on the Internet is very easy - through a search engine. Type the name of the radio in the address bar and press Enter on your keyboard.
Usually, the first resource in the search results is the official website of the radio station. Open it and on the site itself look for the online broadcast (player). Turn it on and enjoy.
But there’s a more interesting way, for those who don’t know what they want to listen to. There are sites on the Internet that have thousands of stations - different genres, cities, countries. For example TuneIn
Method 4: YouTube
YouTube has become the largest aggregator of music in the world. Every singer, every new hit first appears there officially. 
It’s the largest music library for new music (and old). You can listen to any genre, any music you love. There are also some services that convert video to mp3 and allow listening on any user’s accessible device or in its cloud storage.
There are still plenty of methods available to listen to music for free. Some of them show ads to make a living, others send email messages, but overall the music universe is still available to us all. It’s enough to know the sources of such.
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