Weekly Digest

By Syed Basim

This is a weekly newsletter where I will provide all the lessons I’ve learnt, how to be more productive, insights and summary to the articles, podcasts and books I read and much more to improve your life.

This is a weekly newsletter where I will provide all the lessons I’ve learnt, how to be more productive, insights and summary to the articles, podcasts and books I read and much more to improve your life.

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Weekly Digest - ! A really important update

Ok, I never thought this day would come so early, but unfortunately I have to announce this - I am officially stopping my weekly newsletter.PLEASE READ THE LAST SECTION IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO SKIP READING THIS ARTICLEThanks a ton to those who subscribed and s…


Weekly Digest - 🪑 Hidden Risks of sitting

Hey friends,Sitting, it's the thing we love the most because it makes us feel comfortable.But have you ever wondered what sitting for long periods of time does to you? (spoiler: it destroy's you).Why should we move?The more you sit, the more your body waits f…


Weekly Digest: 😪 Dealing with Criticism

Hey friends,There is one thing we can't deal with: criticism. Especially from people who we care about a lot. Some of them we might take it to our hearts and be sad about it. Well think, why did the person criticize you in the first place?Now if it's somethin…


Weekly Digest - 👟 Unnecessary goals

Hey friends,This newsletter is a short one but I think it's really important on how you frame your goals.We have big goals and dreams in mind but often you can modify your goal and mindset which will help you achieve your goal. Let's consider an example.Let's…


Weekly Digest - 🧠 Working with Intense Focus

Hey friends,Working with focus every time is really hard. We get distracted while working, or not even start working at all.Coal mine analogyBefore I actually get into a technique, I am going to talk about coal mines first.Some of the coal mines are very deep…


Weekly Digest - 🗣 Importance of Communication

Hey friends,I've listened to Dr. Rangan Chatterjee's podcast, Gareth Southgate: Anything is possible. Gareth is a manger for English football team. They're talking about Gareth's new book, Anything is possible.In one part, they were talking about communicatio…


Weekly Digest - Issue #10: 🕰 Value of Time

Hey friends,Time is what we want most, but what we use worst - William PennTime plays a significant role in our life. Time is the most valuable resource because you cannot take it back.Time is not going to wait for anyone. We have to make best use of time. I …


Weekly Digest - Issue #9: ✨ Opportunities

Hey friends,You miss 100% of the shots you don't takeOpportunities, they come and go. We can benefit from it if we take the opportunity.If you don't take the opportunity, then you will fail 100%. But if you take the opportunity, then either you can fail or su…


Weekly Digest - Issue #8: 🏅 Be Successful

Hey friends,If you want to be really successful in life, then follow these steps:Know what success means to youBe honest, how many of you know what is success for you? Have millions of dollars? Be happy? Stay healthy?I myself didn't know what success meant to…


Weekly Digest - Issue #7: Live Long, Healthier and Happier Lives

Hey friends,Today's topic is a little different than my usual newsletters but a really essential and important one. Living healthy and longer lives. This is what I've learnt, and the summary of this full podcast.In this podcast, the host Dr. Rangan Chatterjee…


Weekly Digest - Issue #5: Deep vs Shallow Work

Hey friends,If you're spending a large amount of time on something but you're still not able to get it done, then it's shallow work. You are just passively doing the thing. On the other side, we have deep work where you just focus, focus and focus. You get mo…


Weekly Digest - Issue #4: 2 & 5 Minute rule

Hey friends,I came across an interesting idea about the 2 minute and the 5 minute rule.2 Minute ruleIf a task takes less than 2 minutes, we must finish it right away. Imagine I finished eating my dinner, washing the dish I used to eat dinner will hardly take …


The thing I am supposed to do but not doing

Hey friends,I've been writing newsletters for a while now and have collected information from various sources. But there is one thing I am not doing in most of them, that is to provide proper credits to the original author.They have taken time to learn and cr…


Weekly Digest - Issue #3: Better than nothing

Hey friends,I was reading an article on how I got started in to exercising and it got me to rethink. I recommend you to read it as well. Here's the article in brief 👇The harder a thing is for us to do, the more motivation we need to do that thing.This quote i…


Syed Basim's Weekly Digest - Issue #2: Power of Compounding

Hey friends,Progress is not always linear. It always starts slow and then sky rockets provided you put effort into it. This is called compounding. When you see that starting to see results is taking time, you feel you are not progressing and quit.Consider App…


Syed Basim's Weekly Digest - Issue #1

Hey friends,Welcome to my first ever newsletter!If you've watched countless motivational videos & read countless inspirational quotes to hope you are going to work but you didn't actually do anything and you ended up procrastinating. We've all been there,…