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Open Swoole News
Open Swoole News
Newsletter about concurrency, coroutines, fibers and high performance system with Swoole PHP.

What is New
Swoole PHP 4.6.7 released: bug fixes and enhancements | Swoole PHP
Must read: Swoole Server Documentation is updated, added more details and explanation for PHP developers coming to the Swoole world
From the Swoole Community
Video: Comparison of node js vs swoole vs php-fpm and look at how swoole outperforms node js and php-fpm.
GitHub - leocavalcante/coroutine-context-api: Using Coroutines Contexts as Hierarchal Service Locators and Dependency Injection Containers
Speed Up Your Laravel Projects Using Laravel Octane & Swoole Server | by Cerwyn Cahyono | Geek Culture | May, 2021 | Medium
Who’s the winner: Redis, Swoole Table, or Local Cache | by Cerwyn Cahyono | May, 2021 | Medium
GitHub - swoole/awesome-swoole
3 Swoole Features You Should Use in Your PHP/Laravel Project | by Cerwyn Cahyono | Geek Culture | May, 2021 | Medium
Swoole Book & Swoole Slack
Mastering Swoole PHP - Build concurrent system with async and coroutines
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Open Swoole News
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Open Swoole is an open source high-performance network framework providing event-driven, async, non-blocking I/O, coroutine and fibers for #PHP.

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