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Swoole News - Issue #5

Open Swoole News
Open Swoole News
Weekly newsletter about concurrency, coroutines, fibers and high performance system.

What is New
Swoole PHP 4.6.5 released: full support of CURL native in coroutines, bug fixes and more | Swoole PHP
Updated: How to Install Swoole | Swoole PHP
Find useful Swoole PHP Tools | Swoole PHP
Coroutine PHP CURL in Swoole | Swoole PHP
From the Swoole Community
This demo shows how Swoole can handle 100 requests in parallel using 2 php processes. · GitHub
[8.x] Handle concurrent asynchronous requests in the HTTP client by cerbero90 · Pull Request #36948 · laravel/framework · GitHub
Swoole Book & Swoole Slack
Mastering Swoole PHP - Build concurrent system with async and coroutines
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Open Swoole News
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Open Swoole is an open source high-performance network framework providing event-driven, async, non-blocking I/O, coroutine and fibers for #PHP.

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