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Story so far...

Story so far...
By Swapnil Agarwal • Issue #2 • View online
I went indie a few months back. It turned out to be more of a sabbatical instead!
Surviving on zero income was more of a mental struggle. It HIT me one month after leaving my job - on the “supposed” payday - when nothing got credited into my account. It was a very depressing feeling; having a support network of friends really helped here.
I talked to a few early-stage startups doing interesting work but I want location-independence. Having money on the table just adds to the difficulty. It’s so tempting to accept an offer! But I was focused on my north star of setting up passive income, to get more control over how I spend my time in the long run.
I visited a new country, read a lot of books, played Dungeons & Dragons, and got over my fear of dogs! I’m now recharged and ready to roll.

Swapnil Agarwal
Finally going indie!

What it means? I now have time to give a shot at the different goals of my life.

What it really means? I now have 6 months to get my shit together and figure out something which I like and can cover my living expenses.

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