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On Culture

On Culture
By Swapnil Agarwal • Issue #15 • View online
We have a team now. And the first thing we chose to work on was our company culture as it makes or breaks a company.
We put down individual points on what matters most to each of us. Everything can be summed up neatly with this tagline “Have fun, Make impact, Work smart”.
Have fun: Life’s too short to postpone fun! We spend the majority of our waking hours at work, so might as well have fun while doing it.
Make impact: Our users should very clearly feel that we have made a quantifiable impact on their lives.
Work smart: We believe in getting 80% of the work done in 20% of the time. We’re okay with the trade-off it brings, as we want to be in this for the long-term.
The order is important as well. If we’re not having fun in the team, we might as well go our separate ways. If we’re not making an impact, it doesn’t matter how smart we work. Of course, this will be evolving in nature. But this is a good first draft that I’m happy with.


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