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Defining the USP

Defining the USP
By Swapnil Agarwal • Issue #10 • View online
So I’m pursuing the idea discussed in the last issue. I have a few friends interested in exploring the hiring space together.
One disconnect I have within the team is that the tech folks quickly want to come up with the things to build and start working on them. They have already started drafting the API specifications! They even spent a day on debating Python vs Go (for the backend) and React vs Vue (for frontend). 🤦‍♂️
I don’t blame them. Being developers, it’s hard to not go deep into the technical challenges. We tend to jump to building things because that’s how we get a kick. Trying out that new shiny framework you always wanted. Learning something new. Getting stuck on something for hours and finally getting that fix. Aha!
I was in a similar boat last year. “Build, and they (users) will come.”, I was convinced. Not anymore. I now aim to validate an idea first with the minimum effort required. This week, I’m talking to more folks to identify the gaps and define a USP for our offering.


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