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Would you like to know what’s really happening in robotics? I certainly do, and I do a lot of research that I’d like to share with you. I'm Andra Keay, Managing Director of Silicon Valley Robotics and Visiting Scholar at CITRIS People and Robots Lab.

This is information I share each week with Silicon Valley Robotics members. Now you can become an individual subscriber and stay informed across the robotics landscape.

The mission of Silicon Valley Robotics is to support innovation and commercialization of robotics technologies and that means understanding where the robotics industry has come from, what it looks like right now, and where it’s going. Particularly if there are speed bumps or obstacles in the path, or perhaps advances that will speed up robot development and adoption.

That means I’m looking at every level of the robotics technology stack from the AI to the embedded chips and sensors. And I’m looking across the whole range of markets that robots are starting to enter, from agriculture to aged care, and from underwater to outer space.

I’m also interested in standards, policies and principles for robotics, so that we can build affordable, ethical environmental sustainable, inclusive, accessible socially positive robots that solve the world’s global challenges, not the lying, cheating, job stealing biased lumps of clunky dangerous code that we all worry about.

So my weekly subscribers newsletter is going to include a mixture of the latest robotics news, funding events for startups and Silicon Valley Robotics events, notes on recent policies and research summaries, and even some robot art and fiction, because robotics really starts in our imagination before we prototype anything.

You’ll be getting a mixed bag of goodies, it’s the eclectic information that helps me develop deeper insights into the global state of robotics. And I’m hoping that if this reading inspires you, perhaps you’d like to share your insights with us too.

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