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Where are we going in 2022?

Where are we going in 2022?
By Andra Keay • Issue #51 • View online
Happy 2022! It’s good to be back in the Bay Area after a short Australia break.
I dropped into CES on the way and was impressed by the startups, including French robotics startups Nyrio and NimbleOne, Biped.AI from Switzerland and Californian Labrador Robotics. I saw some interesting new battery technologies, and flexible solar panels. I also travelled by the Tesla Loop, the underground car tunnel created by The Boring Company, which currently has three stations connecting the convention center halls. Apparently Las Vegas has just approved the construction of many more Tesla Loop stops connecting the convention center to the rest of the hotels on the Strip. It’s a sideways move towards driverless vehicles, not on the road, but in the tunnels.
I’m about to visit the National Retail Foundation’s Big Show in NY to see where the greatest traction is for robots in retail. Is it in delivery? Inventory? Microfulfilment? Frictionless checkout? In fashion? I suspect that food processing and preparation for new retail formats is the latest interest. 
Coming up soon, the California League of Food Processors big Food Processing Expo in Sacramento on Feb 15-16. And in March the World AgriTech Summit will be held in San Francisco, with the Animal AgTech Summit ahead and the Food Processing Summit after.
In the health robotics field, I’m looking forward to attending the annual Wearacon in Scottsdale Arizona to explore the world of exoskeletons, powered clothing and wearables. Also we’re continuing to work with the Association of Manufacturing Technology. 
Do you have problems with the product design process? Would you like to be able to easily access experts in every area in the United States? Would a robotics design and manufacturing directory be useful? On that topic, there’s a class coming up at Circuit Launch on Feb 3rd (see below).

Here be dragons! Map the unknowns of product development 
$5 Thu Feb 3, 12:00 - 2:00 PM @ Circuit Launch 
Orbis Analysis Discovery Class 
Product development is an adventure into the wilderness. You are forging a path no one has followed before toward a vision that can change the world. Your goal may be clear, but the way to get there is hidden in fog and forests. If you jump right in you, you could easily find yourself slogging through a dark odorous swamp with the sound of something following you…What you need is a map that reveals where the dragons are hiding in your project, enabling you to prepare effectively and chart the most efficient path. Orbis Analysis is a new product planning framework that creates this map. Orbis Analysis distills over fifteen years of experience in product development into a simple, scalable process that generates actionable intelligence immediately.This class will introduce basic concepts of Orbis Analysis using interactive project exercises. Topics include
  • Product description and how to capture complete functionality
  • Mapping product knowns and unknowns
  • Managing fractal feature hierarchies
  • System-level refactoring to reduce product complexity 
You will leave this class knowing how to quantify your uncertainty, bound your project scope, and what your next priority is.
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