Bots&Beer in person on Wednesday! Plus SO much news I nearly broke the newsletter


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Bots&Beer in person on Wednesday! Plus SO much news I nearly broke the newsletter
By Andra Keay • Issue #65 • View online
So much news! So little time :(
I’m going to send another newsletter this week just to catch up!
Where’s Andra?
If I’m not at SVR’s HQ at Circuit Launch in Oakland then I’m attending…

MassRobotics launches $50,000 robotics competition
Bots & Beverages In Person, Wed, Jun 1, 2022, 7:00 PM | Meetup
How to Land a Robot-Proof Job
Reasons to Consider a Career in the Manufacturing Industry
Walmart to begin America's first large-scale drone operation in 6 states
Walmart is adding Symbotic robots to warehouses across the country – TechCrunch
Ally Robotics aims to offer affordable, smart robotic arms
Hyundai plans to spend $10B on EVs, AVs and robotics in the US by 2025 – TechCrunch
Uber wants to show you the money - by Ali Griswold
Uber prices will rise to meet the company’s newly urgent quest for profits.
Top three takeaways from Nuro’s session at TC Sessions: Mobility – TechCrunch
Uber Eats pilots autonomous delivery with Serve Robotics, Motional – TechCrunch
California DMV suspends another test permit
Actuator is a weekly newsletter covering all things robotics – TechCrunch
Bonus material!
Dr. Craig Schlenoff Of The IEEE Robotics and Automation Society On The Future Of Robotics Over the Next Few Years | by David Leichner, CMO at Cybellum | Authority Magazine | May, 2022 | Medium
5 Takeaways from the Robotics Summit & Expo 2022 - Formant
DeepMind’s open-source version of MuJoCo available on GitHub
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