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Thoughtful Friday #6: Data as Code - Cutting Things Smaller

Three Data Point Thursday
Thoughtful Friday #6: Data as Code - Cutting Things Smaller
By Sven Balnojan  • Issue #60 • View online
I was about to write why ELT & ETL (and whatever more letters you can attach to that acronym) are concepts that aren’t made forever and will probably wind die.
But, then I had a short Twitter exchange with Benn Stancil which provoked me to write about something related but different.
About how to apply a few software engineering best practices into an existing data team, without trying to push a hole organizational change like the “data mesh change”.

Svens Thoughts
If you only have 30 seconds to spare, here is what I would consider actionable insights for investors, data leaders, and data company founders. 
  • Data Mesh is optional in a way. There are also a lot of improvements to be made to existing data teams as they stand in their centralized form.
  • Data Teams tend to create monoliths & dependencies. The whole concept of a “DAG” is essentially a huge system of dependencies, something that would be broken down into a lot of independent pieces by any software architect in the software world.
  • We can apply microservices & domain-driven design to the data world. But if we want to take the central data team for now as given, we need to make a few modifications.
Since the images are pretty essential, I opted to post this piece on my blog! So please just visit the link below!
Data as Code – Cutting Things Smaller – Datacisions & Three Data Point Thursday
I hope you enjoyed this piece!
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