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Data Product Management x2, Columns as Contracts; ThDPTh #57

Three Data Point Thursday
Data Product Management x2, Columns as Contracts; ThDPTh #57
By Sven Balnojan  • Issue #65 • View online
I’ve reread Inspired, the best book on product management in my opinion this week.
This prompted me to put a few of the data product management resources in this newsletter, check them out below…
I’m Sven, I collect “Data Points” to help understand & shape the future, one powered by data.

Svens Thoughts
If you only have 30 seconds to spare, here is what I would consider actionable insights for investors, data leaders, and data company founders.
  • Column names can be contracts. We’re still having a lot of issues between data producers and consumers in the data space. Consumers often feel like a table is already an interface that should stay fixed, producers don’t. But that can be fixed.
  • Specification by Example works for data. Specification by example is a simple technique to quickly get to the heart of product ideas that have well-understood usability but lack the value & feasibility perspective. This is often the case in the data space in my experience, where this technique shines.
  • GitLab’s Product Opportunity Canvas. Since I feel like product management is still underrated in the data space, I share another product discovery technique I like, GitLabs “Product Opportunity Canvas”. It’s also aimed at feature-sized ideas and can be used in combination with Specification by example of any other planning technique.
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