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Web3? It's time to get onboard.

Web3? It's time to get onboard.
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During the weekend I launched the first version of the learning database on upupland. Here I curate content with the best resources that exist, to make it easy for people to understand web3.
My end goal with upupland is to inspire people to rethink how the future will look. One thing is for sure; it will be very different than most of us think right now.
In most cases, we are still in the skeuomorphic era, where we try to design new ideas inspired by older models. It’s only when we let that go, real innovation happens.
But before you are able to do that, you need a better understanding what web3 is all about. Start your learning journey below, with the best three resources on upupland.

Continue down the rabbit hole
On upupland, you can learn a lot more from people like Packy and Dixon, and I highly recommend you to get started with the checklist.
Discover web3 apps
Besides learning from the experts, the best thing you can do is start experimenting with web3 apps yourself. That’s why we list all kinds of different web3 apps on upupland.
If you are into NFTs, we list the major marketplaces here - or if you want to explore different DAOs, you will find them here.
After launching the learning database this weekend, I received great feedback from all of you (thanks!); one of them was to add a new category; jobs. So I’ve added that yesterday 👉 Start your web3 career here.
BONUS: The Metaverse
If you hear the word metaverse, you probably think about 3D environment, something like a game; a virtual space. Rethink that:
That was it. If you haven’t subscribed yet, and want to better understand this moment in time, you can do that below or here
Let’s make sure wgmi, cheers,
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