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The Flippening of Everything

The Flippening of Everything
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50,000BC people were part of a tribe with the main goal to survive. Being part of a tribe meant food and shelter. This means your main goal was to stay part of the tribe forever; otherwise…
Thanks to innovation, this is no longer true. People started to travel by boat, train, car, and later airplane and learned that the world was bigger than they thought. Humans started to learn more about different regions and cultures.
Today you don’t even have to travel anymore; we have the internet. The internet makes it easy to learn about different people, cultures, and ideas.
In this way, the location you grow up in becomes less and less critical. People become more independent.
Today, people still want to be part of communities, but something that did change is that we now have more freedom (and possibilities) to choose which community to join. And if you don’t like a particular community, you can easily move on.
Remote work accelerated this, and it clearly shows that remote work is here to stay, even for the old dinosaurs.
The question is, what will we do with this freedom? With great power comes great responsibility.
Another reason that people become more individualistic is that we start to lose our confidence in large institutions.
While all of this is happening, we face many obstacles, and for some, we’re running out of time.
The way out? Innovation.
The first step is to (re)organize ourselves; this will play a massive role in all of this. Innovation happens by optimistic individuals coming together. Not to work, but to create.
That’s why I’m super excited with web3, where people turn work into play.
Web3 is completely different than web2, where the flippening of everything accelerated.
Crypto has one feature that has never existed before - trust. - Ben Horowitz
You can clearly see this happening in the art market; a new generation is now buying art in the form of NFTs. What will happen with the physical art market? This will probably become less valuable, and what will happen with more people creating art? I don’t know… it’s only the beginning, and at this moment, we stand too close to connect the dots. But the new dots are in development.
NFTs are a way to verify ownership. Well, that’s important and broken in many other industries. How will they adopt to this new technology? Musicians, mortgages, contracts, diplomas, and the list continues.
It’s all up to us.
We are the generation with the most freedom any generation experienced. Now what?
One thing is for sure; the questions matter; those create the way.
So, where do you want to go?

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Latest NFT I bought:
While writing this piece I saw this photo by Mellback. It aligns well with a moment, a place in time. How everything is changing in light speed, and time doesn’t really care.
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We live in a time where things start to accelerate, and thanks to technology, everything starts to grow exponentially.

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