gm to the exponential age.



gm to the exponential age.
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When covid hit, I started writing about a new future. I knew at that point that everything was going to change. We moved our blog to only realizing that this didn’t fit our narrative. Over the last couple of months, we realized that we didn’t want to build an old school company but discover a new world.
We are trying to design a place where people collaborate, create, and play while bringing ideas to life for this new world.
First, I was worried about changing too fast, but I realized that I was not changing fast enough. Raoul Pal’s video with the title; The exponential age made that very clear to me.
tldr of the video; First, nothing happened, then everything at once—even craziness compounds.
We are now at the beginning, and the world is building new things at light speed. We humans can’t keep. New significant tools, mean significant new possibilities.
My goal was to position myself for those possibilities. So I did, and here we are.
This newsletter will help me learn more about the exponential age and structure my thoughts, I will mainly link to great resources (like below)
My new workflow for learning & building in public:
  1. Shitpost on Twitter (follow me here)
  2. Bundle it together and try to make sense of it all (this newsletter 👋)
  3. Write the final article and publish it in the right place (eg. personal blogmoij.coupupland or hey mind)
This will probably change over time ;)
Anyway, let’s end with some interesting reads about web3 and the future of work.

Super interesting NFT Project: Loot
Owning the Online: What are NFTs?
Great podcast: Modern Finance
Solana Summer.
Chris Cantino
1/ How (and why) to buy your first NFT—even if you’re skeptical. 🧵
The future of work
A peek into DAOs: Part 1 of 3 — Mirror
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We live in a time where things start to accelerate, and thanks to technology, everything starts to grow exponentially.

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