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Svelte Status

Svelte Status

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Weekly curated blogs and tools for Svelte developers.

From the core team
Talk by Rich Harris - Return of ‘Write Less, Do More’
Duration: 29 minutes.
The Svelte team is asking for your feedback:
"Ask HN: What are your experiences with Svelte (JS framework)"

Be honest! Share the bad as well as the good:

Easy micro-frontends
Architecture of a web app built with Svelte
Build a Svelte 3 app: magic framework
Getting started with Svelte and Rails 6
Pat Cavit
🎉📦🎉 modular-css v25.2.0 🎉📦🎉

The @sveltejs preprocessor now resolves using the same process as the core, and you can now load files via a custom function hook!

Sapper + Svelte + tailwindcss boilerplate
Custom and staggered transitions in Svelte
Repo: Sapper & Svelte workshop for ReactiveConf
Format your Svelte components using Prettier
Creating Svelte powered sites using markdown
Luke Edwards
Do you like Svelte? Interested in Cloudflare Workers?
Then this template is for you:

Svelte SSR inside a Worker 🎉

Repo: https://t.co/Rzboa5Zwb5
Live Demo: https://t.co/PiR0wA5hMy https://t.co/zi8y3UNQdH
A Svelte Ionic experiment
Unit test Svelte components in Cypress E2E runner
(Very experimental) project to bring WebGL to Svelte
buhrmi 🌈🦄💩
Here's an implementation of @imuhammederdem's payment form in @sveltejs, just for the heck of it 😅

If anybody feels like it, I'd really love to see bundle size comparisons.
Svelte Jobs: listing opportunities all over the world
Mark Volkmann - simplify web app development w/ Svelte
Duration: 25 minutes
Rethinking front-end apps with SvelteJS
Duration: 41 minutes
Playing with Svelte - Tommy Marshall
Duration: 24 minutes
Got a new favourite hoodie thanks to our mates down under @flexdapps. Thanks! https://t.co/yFxQLWjXNv
And thanks for the sweet love for this weekly!
About this weekly
Svelte Status is a mailing consisting of the latest blogs and tools curated for Svelte prosI’m Marlos, your curator, working from the Netherlands to help building a cloud platform for developers that is called Jexia.
Do you have a question, feedback or you want to notify me about a recent blog for Svelte devs? Reach out to me via marlos at sveltestatus.com. Btw, I don’t accept proposals to include sponsored content in my weekly.
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