Svelte 3.8.1, compose Svelte components using slots, Svelte-grid & more

Hi there, I’m Marlos, your weekly curator. Currently I’m building the front-end of dev platform Jexia
Svelte Status

Svelte Status

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Hi there, I’m Marlos, your weekly curator. Currently I’m building the front-end of dev platform Jexia. Join me on my journey into Svelte!

Release of Svelte 3.8.1
Claude Barde
One of the (many) benefits of #svelte is that it forces you to use more vanilla #javascript and #css than other solutions like #reactjs.
With svelte, you think in javascript, you do javascript 🙂
Back in 2016, when Svelte was still in its infancy
Intent to implement: CSS modules V1
Composing your Svelte components using slots
Make a Svelte app compatible w/ Internet Explorer 11
Building a Svelte chat app with Stream
Design and build a PWA without a framework - Part 3
Build + deploy realtime Svelte apps w/ Hasura & GraphQL
Laravel-Svelte preset
Svelte-tabs: tabs component for Svelte apps
A boilerplate for exploring Svelte and Storybook
soapdog (mastodon:
❤🚀🦄 Do you love #svelte ? 🦄🚀❤

Me too! Would you rather use #browserify than #rollup or #webpack ? Well, I just built a template for that:

Based on sveltify transform by @TehShrike (they did all the work, I just wrapped it into a forkable template)
Tiny event-based Redux-like state manager for Svelte
Svelte-adapter: use Svelte components w/ Vue and React
Draggable, resizable grid layout w/ responsive breakpoints
Svelte takes the best of React and Vue
Just for fun 👉 React vs. jQuery vs. Svelte, same app
Minh Turi
@sveltejs I've just made a simple Svelte 3 app implementing custom router just for fun and have a good grasp with Svelte. Concise, elegant framework I must say 👍.
Rich Harris: why I don't use web components
Looking at JavaScript’s future
Must-have-seen video for anyone interested in Svelte
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