Svelte 3.14.1, Svelte Moveable, React Hooks vs. Svelte & more

Svelte Status

Svelte Status

November 15 · Issue #15 · View online
Weekly curated blogs and tools for Svelte developers.

Svelte Changelog: 3 new versions in one week
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Introduced in 3.14.1, 3.14.0 and 3.13.0:
  • Deconflict block method names with other variables
  • Fix entity encoding issue in text nodes with constant expressions
  • Make code for unknown prop warnings compatible with older js engines
  • Add loopGuardTimeout option that augments for/while loops to prevent infinite loops, primarily for use in the REPL
  • Keep component bindings in sync when changed in reactive statements
  • Update attributes before bindings
  • Prevent variable naming conflict
  • New structured code generation, which eliminates a number of edge cases and obscure bugs
Calling all design system users and advocates: we'd love to get your input on this RFC, which proposes a way to pass CSS custom properties to components:
In practice
Derived stores with Svelte
Build a jokes app with Svelte
Matt DesLauriers
Another Svelte example—using it for composing generative functionality, a bit like in node-based programming:

Generate Random Points → Triangulate Points → Generate SVG
Create and host a Svelte app in 5 minutes or less
Back to top button with IntersectionObserver & Svelte
Navaid: router for the browser in ~850 bytes
Ruler component that can draw grids and scroll infinitely
Paul Maly
Awesome - new TeamSpeak web app uses @sveltejs and even Sapper - application framework on top of Svelte. Move on!
Moveable: component that creates Moveable & more
Simple, reusable typewriter effect for your Svelte apps
Henrique Borges
Just published my first @sveltejs utility component while migrating my portfolio to svelte 3, it's extremely fast and lightweight, crafted with mere 21 LOC, check it out on GitHub
Sveltefire: cybernetically enhanced Firebase apps
A declarative Svelte routing library with SSR support
React Hooks vs. Svelte
50 days of coding with 4 front-end frameworks
Rich Harris
this is a niche tweet, but: conventional UI framework wisdom is that we should strive for incremental hydration, rather than blocking the main thread while you make the entire SSR'd page interactive. but! this seems to leave you with a choice:
JSDay 2019 slide deck - Why you should try Svelte JSDay 2019 slide deck - Why you should try Svelte
Svelte’s technical history visualized
Do not mind the music.
Duration 18 minutes
More presentations:
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Svelte Status is a mailing consisting of the latest blogs and tools curated for Svelte prosI’m Marlos, your curator, working from the Netherlands to help building a cloud platform for front-end developers that is called Jexia.
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