Boost legacy apps w/ Svelte, an idle Svelte game, Svelte NativeScript sandbox & more

I changed my email name to Marlos from Jexia. You didn’t read why and are wondering? Read my previous
Svelte Status

Svelte Status

November 8 · Issue #14 · View online
Weekly curated blogs and tools for Svelte developers.

I changed my email name to Marlos from Jexia. You didn’t read why and are wondering? Read my previous email about Jexia’s support.

In practice
Svelte, Sapper, GraphQL, and subscriptions
Svelte, marked.js and a touch of DOMPurify 👨‍🍳

Making up for a nifty markdown editor 📝⬇️ #100daysofcode #R6D95 #svelte
Boost your legacy apps with Svelte 3 components
Building a pagination component in Svelte
Tutorial for an idle game with Svelte - Part1
Adolfo J Barreto
One of my Software Engineers has started a new series on Svelte.js for mobile. Please consider contributing to his patreon page. He is working very hard on it. Thank You for the great videos, Noah!

#nativeapp #sveltejs #svelte #mobile #videos
A Svelte 3 todo app from start to deployment
A Simple todo app using Svelte and Cosmic JS
Svelte powered Sitecore JSS
Comparing Svelte and Stencil JS frameworks
I'm so undefined 😎 🇮🇳
Your guide to create and deploy a Svelte (is a radically new approach to building user interfaces) app live with ZEIT Now. #Svelte #Sveltejs #Zeit #ZeitNow #UI #JavaScript #FrontEnd #WebDev
NativeScript 6.2, w/ Svelte playground support
The importance of elegance
Svelte for framework agnostic components
Rich Harris
@mattdesl @karanganesan @sveltejs PNotify springs to mind, though it's using the previous version: You can compile a Svelte component to a vanilla JS module easily (though we should have some official examples of this). You can also compile directly to a custom element (web component)
Svelte most beautiful web framework I've seen
Sapper for Svelte 3 - first look
Duration: 20 minutes
This guy deserves some attention... Svelte Native - Alcohol Calculator App #frontenddeveloper #svelte #javascript
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