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Survivors Survive

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This beautiful, hollowed out, near-dead tree stood gloriously alone on this picturesque South Dakota landscape. It caught my eye as I was driving down a desolate two-lane, rural highway. I pulled my car over, grabbed my camera, and started shooting. In that moment I had somewhat of an epiphany. I realized I was that tree. I, too, was standing “Glorious Alone,” with strong roots of life experience propping me up. I, too, was resilient and defiant. Not ready to crumble, but prepared to stand tall.
I’ve emailed you over the years. Each email more pleading than the next looking for work. Alas, the cavalry never came for me, and by 2019, I was out of money.
I had to rebuild.
In 2020, I turned my attention to filmmaking. The work I’ve been doing for the past six years on women’s issues has opened my eyes to unimaginable sets of circumstances that exist on the periphery of our society. Maybe we choose not to see them sometimes. But these horrific and painful life journeys are a part of our world. These are stories that need to be told and communicated to a broader audience.

Introducing Glorious Alone Productions
I launched Glorious Alone Productions in the fall of 2019 at the height of the pandemic shut-down. I’m proud to say, as we roll into the fall of 2021, we’re making a lot of progress. We’ve been involved with two film festivals, and have awarded cash prizes to promising female filmmakers.
I’ve decided to file the company as a 501c3, so we can apply for grants from various foundations that support women and the arts. I have a vision for what can be built for this not-for-profit.
You know where this is going… I’m asking for your help once again.
Even small donations make a difference at this stage. If you can make a larger donation, I have a fiscal sponsorship relationship with a local non-profit. Your contribution can then be tax-deductible.
Please consider supporting our work.
The best way to change hearts and minds on these pressing issues that impact women and children is to bring them public. Film has the power to make you feel these stories.
You can donate directly to our Go Fund Me page. Or, you can send funds directly to my PayPal or Venmo account. All funds raised go directly to the filmmakers.
Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter too. All amplification of our social posts will help us build our brand and reach more filmmakers and potential donors.
Reach out to me anytime if you’re interested in this work, or you have contacts that will make a difference to our mission.
Thank you!
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