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Surrey Centre for the Digital Economy - Issue #17

Happy New Year! A new report on Agility and Entrepreneurship, plus a nostalgic look back at 2016 in D

Surrey Centre for the Digital Economy

January 5 · Issue #17 · View online
This week in the digital economy.

Happy New Year! A new report on Agility and Entrepreneurship, plus a nostalgic look back at 2016 in Digital and Analytics. Enjoy!

This is an interesting report from SD Learning Consortium with a few useful case studies and associated observations on agility and entrepreneurship in larger companies…
The summary of the report is around four familiar themes….the areas of direct focus for CoDE and its research into digital transformation…
Delighting customers: An obsession with continuously adding value for customers and users, as well as a recognition of the current need to generate instant, intimate, frictionless value at scale, anywhere, anytime, on any device. As a result of globalization, deregulation, knowledge work and new technology, power in the marketplace has shifted from seller to buyer: the customer has now become the boss. This is more than an increased attention to customers: it is a fundamental shift in the goal of the organization—a veritable Copernican revolution in management.
Descaling work: A presumption that in a volatile, complex, uncertain and ambiguous world, big difficult problems need to be disaggregated into small batches and performed by small cross-functional autonomous teams, working iteratively in short cycles in a state of flow, with fast feedback from customers and end-users.
Enterprise-wide Agility: A recognition that, to be fully entrepreneurial, the whole organization needs to embrace the entrepreneurial mindset: the entire firm functions as an interactive network, not a top-down bureaucracy with just a few teams implementing Agile tools and processes. In effect, Agility is not just for IT: it is a change in the way that the whole organization thinks, is led and managed.
Nurturing culture: A never-ending commitment to actively nurture, and systematically strengthen, entrepreneurial mindsets and behavior throughout the organization. This includes everything from leadership, strategy and values to onboarding, training, communications and personnel management.

Below, courtesy of McKinsey & Company, the Top Ten for 2016 on Digital and Analytics:
Where machines could replace humans--and where they can’t (yet) | McKinsey & Company
An incumbent’s guide to digital disruption | McKinsey & Company
Making data analytics work for you--instead of the other way around | McKinsey & Company
Digital globalization: The new era of global flows | McKinsey & Company
The need to lead in data and analytics | McKinsey & Company
The surprising truth about which countries lead in digital | McKinsey & Company
Leading in the digital age | McKinsey & Company
How companies are using big data and analytics | McKinsey & Company
Big data: Getting a better read on performance | McKinsey & Company
The economic essentials of digital strategy | McKinsey & Company
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