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Surrey Centre for the Digital Economy - Issue #10

Like air and drinking water, being digital will be noticed only by its absence, not its presence.From

Surrey Centre for the Digital Economy

November 10 · Issue #10 · View online
This week in the digital economy.

Like air and drinking water, being digital will be noticed only by its absence, not its presence.
From a discussion on “Beyond Digital” by Nicholas Negroponte in 1998….

Let’s hit the weekend laughing…..
35 of the Best Memes on the Internet for Entrepreneurs – Medium
Our latest blog, by guest blogger Roger Camrass:
Innovation and Banking
See for the latest industry report on “Machine Intelligence”:
‘Machine Intelligence: The ‘Killer App’ for the Digital Economy
The challenges and opportunities for senior executives in harnessing the power of new digital technologies such as Machine Intelligence.
In this report we identify the missing link between a surfeit of information on every aspect of our economic and personal lives, and an effective means of harnessing an almost limitless data resource. This missing link is called ‘Machine Intelligence’ or ‘MI’ and combines a range of technologies such as machine learning, natural language recognition, and artificial intelligence.’
Having visited CoDE in September and been interested to engage with the faculty, Equinix commissioned two papers for the forthcoming FT conferences on Future of Banking and Industry 4.0, both of which it was a lead sponsor along with Lloyds Banking Group. We prepared the papers rapidly within CoDE, and Equinix published the first paper on the 2nd November where it was delivered at the FT Innovate conference. The 2nd paper will be completed this week.
Just in from the European Network of Design for Resilient Entrepreneurship (ENDuRE): “Video interviews featuring the international exchange start-ups and host entrepreneurs are due to be filmed in the coming weeks! This valuable resource will give stakeholders the opportunity to hear from ALL those who took part in the ENDuRE mobility experience. Entrepreneurs will share their thoughts on several aspects including lessons learned, most valuable experience, and how they feel their business is now better equipped to face the ‘valley of death’!”
Asking the awkward questions about Digital….
Down with the data monarchy – Privacy International – Medium
Take a look at what’s going on with the vHive project on dog health monitoring…a collaboration between Zoetis and the University of Surrey….
An interesting health platform, and something we’ll be using for several projects on pricing, multi-sided platform dynamics, and health intervention management….
How is your dog feeling today? - PetDialog+ from Zoetis - YouTube
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