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Suraj Vishwakarma
Suraj Vishwakarma
A new week with lots of new great articles🚀

Read of the Week
Kubernetes for Dummies
After receiving much positive feedback on my post “Docker for Dummies”, I wanted to create a post about Docker’s often-paired technology Kubernetes.
I Built an App with GitHub Copilot, Here’s the Result
I got my invitation to the technical preview of GitHub Copilot two days ago and have been pair programming a bit with my new AI buddy. Check out our app
Defeating Hydra: The Growing Problem of Complexity in Web Development
Software complexity is like a hydra, a monster from Greek myth that grows two new heads each time you cut one off. The more you build, the more it grows.
How I Changed My Career Path — from Freelance Web Designer to Full-time UX/UI Designer
As I’m close to reaching the one year mark in my current position, I thought it would be cool to share what the most important lessons and differences between freelancing and working as UX/UI designer in a product team.
Start a Component Library with Storybook, Tailwind CSS, and TypeScript
Storybook is a tool for developing UI components in isolation — meaning we can have components outside of our main app, make the necessary changes, and import them into our app knowing how they look.
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Tool of the Week
Axure RP - UX Prototypes, Specifications, and Diagrams in One Tool
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Suraj Vishwakarma
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