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The sad and most present reality most tend to forget about COVID-19 is that people are still dying from the disease. As of this week, an average of 2,000 people in the U.S. are dying from COVID each day.
Mercedes Hidalgo’s brother died 10 days ago. The doctors, nurses and caretakers at the University of Illinois Hospital in Chicago cried with her. In Commentary, Hidalgo reflects on her brother Daniel’s final days, and expresses her frustration with how wearing face masks and getting the vaccine has become political.
The most talked-about topics in City Hall could arguably be Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s proposed new $16.7 billion budget and Ald. Jim Gardiner’s number of accusations of misuse of office and vengeful tactics. If you aren’t caught up, we list them in our editorial asking for Gardiner to think really hard about resigning. The alleged vengeful tactics should have no place in city government, the Editorial Board writes.
In Letters to the Editor, Rich Lo — who was a longtime resident of Chinatown — tells us about the contributions Asian Americans have given to the life and economy of Chicago since arriving in the city in the 1870s. Yet, he writes, they have never had a meaningful voice in city government. Read Rich’s reasons why Chinatown deserves a Chicago ward of its own.
— Ismael Pérez, editorial board member

Daniel Norman Hidalgo Photo provided by Mercedes Hidalgo
Daniel Norman Hidalgo Photo provided by Mercedes Hidalgo
My brother died in a hospital ICU.
I’m so done with all the BS reasons others give for not doing what’s right for their fellow man.
So many people have no first-hand knowledge of what COVID-19 does to a loved one and to a family. They have no idea what it is like to see your loved one — who was immunosuppressive, who was vaccinated, who did everything right — not be able to defeat the Delta variant of COVID.
A variant that is a product of those who failed to get vaccinate.
My brother, Daniel Norman Hidalgo, is gone because so many people listen to fools and not their own doctors. And because the fools want to make this political instead of caring for others.
Stop all this condescending, self-righteous nonsense.
The Chicago Sun-Times Editorial Board is the opinion voice of the hardest-working newspaper in America. It is headed by editorial page editor Tom McNamee and includes Thomas FrisbieLorraine ForteLee BeyIsmael Pérez and Mary Mitchell as members.
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The Editorial Board on Ald. Gardiner:
The number of accusations of misuse of his office are too numerous to ignore and too distracting to the city’s business.
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In your words
“As a longtime resident of Chinatown, I am concern that we don’t have an Asian representative who would understand and feel the pulse of the community.”
— Rich Lo, Naperville
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