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In an attempt to combat senseless violence in Chicago, Mayor Lori Lightfoot last week introduced a new plan to sue gang members and seize their assets. It’s a proposed ordinance some are already calling “a toothless charade.”
Yes, the mayor and the police should take a hard stand against the violence. We just think the city would be smarter to concentrate on more promising long-term solutions, such as staffing up its detective division and leaning into efforts to stop the flow of illegal guns. Mayor Lightfoot’s plan to use asset forfeiture to curb violence looks like an empty move, the Editorial Board writes.
Justice Amy Coney Barrett expressed concern recently about the public perception that the U.S. Supreme Court has become partisan. That perception is right on target, Betty Kleinberg of Deerfield says in her Letter to the Editor. One doesn’t have to be a constitutional lawyer to recognize the direction the conservative-dominated court has been heading in the last decade. The U.S. Supreme Court is no longer supreme, Betty writes.
Columnist Rick Morrissey writes about how the Chicago Bears players’ self-esteem couldn’t be higher after their bad 34-14 loss to the Rams on Sunday night, thanks to coach Matt Nagy’s sweet nothings. A day after the team couldn’t seem to complete a pass longer than 10 yards, Nagy said, “We like where our offense is at.” Morrissey writes that Nagy needs to learn that truth isn’t the enemy and, more, that it might even be a good thing for his players.
— Ismael Pérez, editorial board member

Mayor Lori Lightfoot wants to seize the assets of alleged criminals in order to curb violence in the city. Sun-Times files
Mayor Lori Lightfoot wants to seize the assets of alleged criminals in order to curb violence in the city. Sun-Times files
Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s new plan to seize the assets of gang members looks like a disturbing indication that her administration is in over its head when it comes to solving Chicago’s violent crime problem.
Last week, the mayor proposed an ordinance to allow authorities to use asset forfeiture laws to sue gang members and snatch up their valuables.
“Killing babies, killing children, killing old people indiscriminately. That is absolutely not acceptable,” Lightfoot said. “And we’ve got to put a marker down that we as a city are using every tool in our toolkit to push back against these violent gangs that are leaving a trail of blood and death and misery in their wake.”
The mayor and the police should, of course, take a hard stand against the violence, and we don’t disagree that gangs are part of the problem.
But asset seizures strike us as an outdated approach that might’ve worked in the 1980s against East Coast organized crime bosses and South Florida drug dealers, but would be virtually useless in curbing the violence on the streets of Chicago today — especially given that the violence is concentrated in poor neighborhoods where assets are few to begin with.
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“The founders placed no term limits on federal justices so they would be impartial and not influenced by politics. Evidently, today that concept has failed.”
— Betty Kleinberg, Deerfield
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