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Good morning,
When it comes to police shootings of civilians, the Sun-Times editorial board wrote this week, Chicagoans are often hyper-reactive, rushing to opposing ideological corners. Some will say the police were entirely justified while others will say the police were entirely in the wrong. Exactly this is happening in the case of the police shooting of Adam Toledo in Little Village. The editorial board called on everybody to take a breath — in the name of fairness all around — and wait for the full facts to be revealed.
In another editorial, we explained how Illinois has an electric vehicle chicken-and-egg problem. More people would use electric vehicles if there were more charging stations, and there would be a better argument for building more charging stations if more people used electric vehicles.
Elsewhere in commentary, S.E. Cupp argued that although many want the media to stop covering former President Donald Trump, “Trump is not ‘irrelevant,’ the ‘nightmare’ is not over.”
And in a letter to the editor, Herb Vermaas of Salem says he “could not be more gleeful about the legal woes of Fox News,” which he called “nothing more than a propaganda arm for the right wing of the GOP.”
— Tom McNamee, editorial page editor

A memorial for 13-year-old Adam Toledo sits near the location of the shooting at West 24th Street and South Sawyer Avenue in Little Village on Monday afternoon. | Ashlee Rezin Garcia/Sun-Times
A memorial for 13-year-old Adam Toledo sits near the location of the shooting at West 24th Street and South Sawyer Avenue in Little Village on Monday afternoon. | Ashlee Rezin Garcia/Sun-Times
Chicago faces a test of fairness.
In an alley in the Little Village neighborhood early on Monday morning, at a time when most folks are sleeping, a Chicago police officer shot a 13-year-old boy. The police say the boy, who was with a 21-year-old man, had a gun.
Given the tenor of our times, it is unsurprising that some Chicagoans are running to opposing ideological corners — the police shooting was entirely justified or entirely unjustified — without waiting to learn all the facts.
We urge fairness instead. We urge everyone to take a breath and wait until more is known. And we urge the city’s Civilian Office of Police Accountability to release immediately all videos that might shed light on what happened. Among those videos is a likely key piece of evidence: footage from a body camera worn by an officer.
On Thursday, COPA argued that while it is required by city policy to release body camera video of police shootings within 60 days of an incident — a rule imposed after the police shooting of Laquan McDonald in 2014 — state law prohibits the office from releasing video if the victim is younger than 18.
On Friday afternoon, though, COPA reversed its position on the matter, now concluding that state law “does not bar publication of the body worn and third-party video camera footage.” The video, COPA said, would now be released “as soon as possible.”
We would hope “soon” means no more than days, not weeks or months.
That said, what the video shows could prove to be inconclusive, frustrating as that would be. A thorough investigation — one that allows for fair judgments to be made — will also require an examination of all other possible evidence, including 911 calls, police reports, radio transmissions and witness statements.
Here’s what we can say right now for sure:
When a 13-year-old boy, a child still in grammar school, is killed by anybody, anywhere, for anything, the adult world is to blame. There is no other possibility.
The question is which adults.
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What others have to say
S.E. Cupp on the media covering Trump:
“I’m for a post-MAGA America, with the Trump era residing permanently within a history book and not in a newspaper, but we don’t yet live in that America. I’m sad to say, Trump is not ‘irrelevant,’ the ‘nightmare’ is not over.”
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In your words
“I wholly support the lawsuit by Dominion Voting Systems against Fox News. The company was, in fact, defamed and its reputation unfairly damaged by the lies told by and on Fox.”
— Herb Vermaas, Salem, Illinois
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