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Arabic is the language of the ḍād اللغة العربية لغة الضاد

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Did you know that the Arabic language is known as the language of the ḍād? 🤔
حرف الضاد أحد الحروف العربية. وله صوت خاص يمكنك سماعه هنا في هذا الفيديو الذي يستعرض الحروف العربية.
The letter ضاد is one of the Arabic letters. It has a special sound, you can hear it here in this video about the Arabic letters.

هذا الصوت الفريد الذي لا يوجد في اللغات الأخرى جعلهم يطلقون على اللغة العربية اسم لغة الضاد. ظهر هذا الاسم في القرن الثالث الهجري وقت أن قام سيبويه بتدوين قواعد اللغة العربية.
This unique sound that doesn’t exist in other languages is the reason behind calling the Arabic language the language of the ḍād. This name appeared in the third century of the Hegira, at the time of Sībawayh, author of the earliest book on Arabic grammar.
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I post videos on learning Arabic for different levels, from the beginners’ level to the advanced. Here is a conversation in Arabic for intermediate to advanced learners with easy-to-follow translations, transcriptions, and explanations.
Learn #Arabic | ARABIC-ENGLISH #bilingual conversations | An interview with a doctor مقابلة مع طبيب
If you’re a beginner, you can follow videos like this one here to learn how to write the Arabic letters:
Learn ARABIC | Arabic alphabet | How to write Arabic letters | bāʾ باء,tāʾ تاء,ṯāʾ ثاء more examples
Here’s a handy playlist of tutorials on writing the Arabic alphabet:
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