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Writing every day is hard 🥵

Sunday Slant
Writing every day is hard 🥵
By Sumeru Raut • Issue #5 • View online
Hey friends,
I hope you had a lovely week, now that you realise you don’t have to smile at people, with those masks on.
I’ve been a little tied up the past few days and hence, inconsistent in posting on my daily blog. It made me have the novel realisation— Writing every day is hard.
Holding myself accountable to those who read my daily blogging challenge for 2021, makes it difficult for me to miss posting. Of course, I saw this coming.
But upon squinting harder I can see that it is even more difficult to write every day without that sort of an accountability. That’s funny.
I am not sure how I feel to find out, that I care more about my public perception than I care about writing itself. Apparently, writing every day is the bare minimum, if one wants to publish a novel, a play, a film or a hit TV show… who would’ve thunk.
Which brings me to my recommendation this week. After having heard about it for the longest time and not watching it because everyone referenced to it, I decided to watch the hit TV show: The Office.
I absolutely love British humour because of how dry, bleak and self-deprecating it can be. So I decided to watch the original version, The Office (UK). And boy, is it funny!
The show “follows the day-to-day lives of office employees in a fictional paper company”. It is created, written and directed by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. The comedic genius of Ricky Gervais is revealed not only in his writing the show but also in his portrayal of its principle character, David Brent.
I have only ever worked in an office once, and it is surprising how accurately the show captures characters you find at a workplace.
Just three seasons long, The Office (UK) is hilarious, even after two decades.
I highly recommend it.
Have a fantastic Sunday!

My blog posts this week (10 mins)
Show recommendatinon: The Office (UK)
Sample this scene: David Brent, the delusional boss, has his behaviour on full diplay to the utter horror of an outsider in the office.
The Hotel Role Play scene
The Hotel Role Play scene
Song of the week
I’ve been listening to the opening theme song of the show. I’ve taken a liking to it.
I looked up the original version. On first hearing, my over-analytical brain thought the lyrics were misogynistic, then I read this article by the songwriter. In any case, Rock and Roll is love.
Handbags And Gladrags - by Mike d`Abo ( 1970 )
Handbags And Gladrags - by Mike d`Abo ( 1970 )
Ways to watch The Office (UK)
Voot (India)
Amazon Prime (International)
Hulu (International)
And don’t do something illegal like copy pasting the below link to reach a site where you can download the files using a torrent software and watch it for free because you don’t want to buy yet another subscription for yet another hit show, that has already raked in its millions:
thepiratebay (dot) org/description.php?id=13813090
Don’t do such illegal things, kids.
Did you enjoy this issue?
Sumeru Raut

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