Sunday Slant

By Sumeru Raut

🍟 Stop eating social media





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Sunday Slant
🍟 Stop eating social media
By Sumeru Raut • Issue #46 • View online
18 days until ‘22. That doesn’t rhyme. Welcome to Sunday Slant.

Hello friend,
I’ve been waiting to see you awhile… for a while. (Just learnt the difference.) How has December been treating you thus far? It feels like the month gets a lot more credit than it deserves. All the months work their butt off and Decemeber gets to roll in at the end, announce holidays and put a smile on everyone’s face. Some do have it easy.
I’ve been struggling to write. I don’t know if it is the inclement weather or a general sense of malaise. I’ve stopped reading other personal newsletters I used to read. The past three issues have been a drag to write. I am feeling—not very inspired. I don’t know what the cause of it all is. Maybe I’m missing my family. Maybe I worry about my grandmother who has reached a point in her weariness where she can’t speak/text on the phone anymore. Maybe it’s my own disillusionment with everything I’m (not) doing and time seems to just pass me by: “writing, music, films, so much to be done. When will I do it all?” Maybe I’m anxious about the upcoming transition (there is one coming). Maybe I’m spending too much time on social media (that, I certainly am).
I am not happy with the amount of time I’ve been spending on social media. I uninstalled Twitter/Instagram from my phone last month but kept Reddit. And now I find myself surfing Reddit endlessly. In 2014-15 it was Whatsapp, 2016-17 it was YouTube, followed by Twitter and now Reddit: it seems like I take turns in wasting time on all these apps equally. Is it pitiable? Yes. Do I need a plan, a system, to stop this distraction? Yesss. I want to replace mindless internet scrolling with timeless cinema, literature and art. (pfft!) You are what you eat, right? I want to stop eating this delicious garbage.
The other day wife and I had to fix some things around the house that involved a lot of physical activity. Hours of lifting and moving heavy things around. I was exhausted by the end of it. I felt sore all of next day. For one, I realised what poor physical shape I am in. Two, I thought about the people who do this for a living and how they put their body through such rigour on a regular basis for survival. It also made me think of blue-collar work, back home in India, where there is no ‘dignity of labour’ which exists here in America (at least on paper).
Here’s some fun news: I went to watch a football game this past week—American Football, my first time ever. I didn’t follow the game too well, even though I had watched a couple of videos about the rules beforehand. But I had a lot of fun. My FIL was of the opinion that I would be getting an incomplete American experience if I didn’t attend a football game. And was he right! It is the most American thing I experienced on this trip (apart from strangers ambushing me with “Hi, how’s it going?”, of course.) Even though it was college football, the stadium was pretty packed, the bands played with great fanfare as did the players, and the overall energy seemed high. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Wife, despite being anti-sports, drove for over an hour to the venue and back; she was a… great sport. (OK sorry).
The funds that college sports seem to have!
The funds that college sports seem to have!
Also, we completed a month of being married. It went by too fast, but we still catch ourselves in the middle of a conversation and think “damn, we’re a married couple”; then we giggle to ourselves like twelve year olds. I need to stop with these ‘married for x amount of time’ updates. That’s all for this week.
I’ll see you around. Have fun!
❤️ Things I liked this week
  • I’m making my way through Get Back, the Beatles documentary. I love the footage and hate the editing. I’ve no idea what Peter Jackson was thinking with the epilepsy-inducing jarring cuts. High point has been watching Paul come up with the song Get Back in real-time: watch the clip. Also, this docu puts to rest the debate about who the coolest Beatle is: it’s Ringo. Chill. a. f.
  • I loved this podcast episode my friend sent me: History is Over, an exploration of how Radiohead’s album ‘Kid A’ came to be, at the turn of the twenty first century, 20 years ago. It’s really well done.
  • This video on fermentation is freakin’ delicious! Want to buy Krish Ashok’s book on Indian cooking.
  • ‘Like’ and ‘literally’, two words that are so overused today, that I often find myself pausing and recollecting their original usage: saying ‘like’ in the middle of the sentence.
  • Gorgeous cover of a gorgeous Stevie Ray Vaughn original: Riviera Paradise.
  • ‘This is not a pipe’. This video essay by Nerdwriter taught me more about images than my entire fine art undergraduate course.
  • If you know Gary Vee, this sketch is hilarious. lol. If you don’t know him, you’re not missing much.
  • Some of Microsoft’s data is archived here?! Freaky. 2 minute video
  • Loved this talk by the CEO of my favourite app, Signal.
  • Watch this TED talk by another favourite privacy expert, Sun Knudsen.
  • Casey Neistat is promoting his new film course. Always nostalgic to watch him putz around New York.
  • The below Twitter thread about the science of idlis is very lovely and very South Indian.
Swetha Sivakumar
Why do idli/dosa recipes always ask for parboiled rice? or idli rava (which is essentially parboiled grits)?

What happens if we makes idli, dosa batter with just raw rice?

To find out, I ran an experiment and here are the results:
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Sumeru Raut

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