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🥽 Snorkelling in the pacific ocean

Sunday Slant
🥽 Snorkelling in the pacific ocean
By Sumeru Raut • Issue #30 • View online
Wakie wakie
it’s not March
-a Sunday Slant haiku

Hi friends,
My reunion-turned-vacation in Mexico is coming to an end. I complete one month here today. Here’s the big reveal—the beach town I’ve been staying at is Zipolite. Fun fact: it’s the only legal nude beach in Mexico. Before you ask, yes, I walked/swam naked on the beach; my first time. Yes, there were others. No, nobody cared. I was only wondering how I should greet my airbnb hosts or other guests with whom I exchanged pleasantries each morning, if I came face to face with them while in my birthday suit: “Why, hello there!” as we walk past each other wearing nothing but masks.
My girlfriend, Sara, who has been here before and planned this entire trip, chose the spot because it is (relatively) sparsely populated by tourists. And being on a beach meant that we could be away from crowds and still be out, since COVID is still a thing. Also because it resembles my favourite beach town—Gokarna. So she knew I too would like it here. I’m afraid Zipolite takes the top spot for me now. See you on the other side of my underwater pic.
stop staring at my biceps
stop staring at my biceps
The highlight of this trip has to be my first time snorkelling. Did I like it? I freakin’ loved it!
We rented a motorbike and had it delivered from Mazunte, the more famous neighbour of Zipolite, one night in advance. Sara had zeroed in on the snorkeling spot—Huatulco, 75 kms away from where we were.
bike wala with a bent fork
bike wala with a bent fork
A bike trip and snorkelling? I was all let’s go! We rode through the beautiful hills of the Oaxacan coast (Oaxaca is the state we are in); windy roads, lush green flora and clear skies. Superb! (Although the bike gave me terrible back pain which means I can officially use “Back when I was young…” when speaking now.)
Once we reached Huatulco we met with Pilo, our boatman and guide who was very friendly. We boarded the boat, hired our gear and I got a quick (and not-so-detailed) lesson in snorkelling. As soon as I jumped into the water I was awestruck by merely being able to look at the fishes at such close proximity and by the blue pacific water. It felt like I was seeing footage from NatGeo. Although most of the coral looked dead to Sara, I had a great time regardless as it was my first.
paani ke neeche kya hai, paani ke neeche
paani ke neeche kya hai, paani ke neeche
We spent a lot of time on the boat and saw turtles fuck and a dolphin jump.
don't ask me how I have everything on camera
don't ask me how I have everything on camera
Anyway, the long and short of it is, I had a great time. I hope to write a detailed blog post about all this and my entire time in Zipolite.
In conclusion, I feel like the travel bug has bit me as it always does when I take a long trip. I’ve always been cautious to not like something too much; to only pick a few things and chase them doggedly. Travel has been one of the things I’ve always kept at an arm’s distance. I’ve enjoyed every time I’ve travelled to a new place, but I never ‘make the first move’. I wait for an occasion, or a reason to travel or for work to take me there. I resisted ‘travelling for the sake of travelling’ all through my twenties. Mostly because I believed that all answers lie within, and not in ‘hopping from one destination to another’ chasing a new experience.
But I am beginning to think, they aren’t mutually exclusive. You can travel far and wide—inside and outside. Both can happen at the same time. There are no rules.
Happy Independence Dei 🇮🇳
Happy Independence Day India. You turned 74 today and have been acting like it lately. I hope you stop this othering of certain groups. We are all one—irrespective of our gender, caste, language, religion, rice vs roti and garlic vs hing. I hope your are teaching your children that as you taught me when I was young, while forcing them to sing/dance/cartwheel in front of guests.
📹 Song of the week
Between the bars (Elliott Smith cover) by Sara & Sumeru
Between the bars (Elliott Smith cover) by Sara & Sumeru
❤️ Thing I liked this week
  • ‘How I built this’ by Guy Raz (from NPR) is probably my favourite podcast. I enjoyed listening to the Casey Neistat episode. I’ve been on a Casey roll, if you can’t tell already. (The internet is terrible here, it won’t let me link the episode even. So just google it)
  • That’s it from me this week. Take care. Stay safe.
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