Sunday Slant

By Sumeru Raut

📦 Shifting, packing and moving around





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Sunday Slant
📦 Shifting, packing and moving around
By Sumeru Raut • Issue #24 • View online
Hi friends,
When the dentist asked you about flossing this week, hope you didn’t say “what the fuck is that?”
I’m a little disoriented as I write this week’s Sunday Slant. Not literally. (Kind of literally).
For the first time since starting my newsletter, I am writing this issue from a new place—my room from when I was 15 years old, at my parents house. We moved back to the city today after a long period in the woods; my parents after a year and a half, me after eight months.
I feel weird writing here. The last time I was here, I had never published anything online, had only written this piece over a week and sat on it for four months, too nervous to post it online.
I’ve come a long way since then. I don’t have those exact problems anymore.
In just a few months, I am unable to recognise that person, to whom it was that big a deal to publish their work online. It has been fun to learn that nobody cares, that people give zero freaks and are just busy living their lives.
I now have different problems—of consistency, speed and so on.
It is remarkable what ‘taking action’ does to you and your state of mind. We need our ‘waiting period’, sure, where we dilly-dally and try to deal with the fear before getting to our goals. It can take days, months or as it was in my case—years. But it really comes down to taking the smallest action that can be taken.
You’ve never heard that before right?! Thought so.
Anyway, I’m excited to write from here. There is no getaway, no walks in the farm or looking at the birds and leaves, outside the window.
Here, when you look out the window, on weekdays it is a noisy mega city with people and traffic falling over each other to merely exist; and on weekends, currently, there’s a ‘corona curfew’, which I don’t think many are following.
There’s one thing I have noticed in this moving around. I have always been a lean traveller. I own very little stuff, a habit I picked up from my dad. Travelling in this pandemic, I seemed to have doubled down on my ‘minimalism’ (hate that word so much). I wish to own even less now.
Thrilled to write from here. The upcoming weeks are exciting.
Also, it’s a good idea to floss every fortnight. (This may or may not be a note to self.)
Until next time,

📹 My video of the week
Shiver - Coldplay - Sumeru Raut, Sylvester Pradeep (cover)
Shiver - Coldplay - Sumeru Raut, Sylvester Pradeep (cover)
I couldn’t record this week, so I uploaded an older video from November 2016—when both Sylvester and I had long hair and absolutely nobody could guess we had anything to do with music. Everyone could.
The pay was ₹20K per head to sing Coldplay songs for an hour at a pub, for which we needed to barely practise. There was no way we were saying no to that. This was the last cover show I did. I was sick of turning into a cover artist. Sylvester, a prolific blues guitarist, had been performing originals with his other projects. (But I had to eat my own words and do a private show three years later).
At the end of the video there is an applause from a school nearby, perfectly timed with our song finishing.
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Sumeru Raut
Attached to our action; detached from everything that follows.
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