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Mask up. Stay home.😷

Sunday Slant
Mask up. Stay home.😷
By Sumeru Raut • Issue #13 • View online
Hey friends,
I hope you are doing OK.
This week has been dictated by news of the terrible COVID situation all over India. Twitter is chock-a-block with people requesting hospital beds, Remdesivir and oxygen cylinders. Like someone said, 2021 is making 2020 look better.
There is a lockdown where I am, even though the government isn’t using those words to describe it. The second wave is very real and very scary. It is going to be a very long and difficult Summer, given how the political establishment has encouraged people to come out for rallies and the crisis with the vaccination. Also, the attendees of Kumbh Mela who are expected to distribute the virus like prasad (sacred food) all over India. I guess all we can really do is double mask up and restrict outdoor activities to bare minimum.
Sigh. Moving on.
I got back to writing more this week, something I am happy about. I will be aiming to send out my article first thing in the morning this coming week, as I used to when I started the blog. It helps me get it out of the way and get on with the day (but is difficult to do 👀).
I have been reading quite a lot about bloggers and blogging in general this week. I found some interesting articles that I am sharing with you.
Until next Sunday,
Stay safe!

My articles this week (18 min)
Intersting reads this week
Why I am unreachable and you should be too: Absolutely loved this article by Pieter Levels. Its funny and makes a point.
How to grow a successful design career by blogging: I have been thoroughly enjoying the Ghost blogging platform (which is what my site uses). It’s founder and CEO, John O'Nolan, a prolific blogger and a digital nomad for over a decade, writes about how he built his career from blogging in this article from 2015.
The purpose of technology: Balaji Srinivasan is an investor and an entrepreneur. He presents his case for what he thinks the purpose of technology is. Very interesting.
Teabag message I liked this week
Thoughts Are Seeds
“The only burden you have ever had is your mind.”

~Robert Adams
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Sumeru Raut

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