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🤫 Link to a secret video and pics!

Sunday Slant
🤫 Link to a secret video and pics!
By Sumeru Raut • Issue #29 • View online
You’re hunched over—sit up straight to hunch over this email. It’s Sunday Slant.

Hello friend,
I hope you are well and swell.
First and foremost, congratulations to you that somebody dedicated their entire life to throwing an object, so you could feel proud of your nationality. In all seriousness, I only hope Neeraj Chopra shines brighter.
For those not in the know, Chopra won India’s first ever gold medal in athletics at the Olympics in the men’s javelin throw.
Below is a tweet to prove the same from one of his billion admirers.
(Translation: Please pick me up and throw me towards Goa, Neeraj.) Although, I’d argue that Goans must feel like they need Neeraj as opposed to the tourists.
Speaking of tourists, this is my third week in Mexico; and I’m beginning to feel less like one. I know the roads now. I know the cafe that has some vegetarian options. I know the guy who strolls by the beach selling yummy Mezcal chocolate. I know the cafe with the good view and a clueless waiter. I know that the gesture for no/not working is wiggling your hand while holding it out like this 🤙🏽. I know that staring blankly, tongue-tied, because I can’t Spanish makes me look like an idiot. I’ve practically been in the same town.
After having lived in a fantastic airbnb (let’s call it place A) upon arrival, which had an amazing view of the pacific ocean, spacious rooms and a small infinity pool—ten days that felt like a mere instant—my girlfriend and I shifted to an ‘outdoorsy’ rustic cottage (place B). This was very homely and cosy, run by a woman in her late sixties who is very warm and welcoming herself. We lived here for a week, cooked quite a bit and went out for dinners and walks. We had a great time, until it rained heavily one day and we started to have visitors—also known as ‘mosquitoes’. The muggy nights and mosquito infested evenings eventually got to us, so we found a new spot and moved there.
This new spot (place C), although clinical and not very welcoming—either the host or the space—had one attraction: air-conditioning. My week started with us moving to place C, excited to stay in the AC after being woken up by mosquitoes in the dead of the night. But we were in for another ‘rude awakening’ here. The phoney host had downplayed the construction work that would start at 8 am every morning and last all day. Three days and we were fed up.
After looking at multiple spots, not finding a good fit and being at our wit’s end, we decided to move back to our previous rustic cabin, for the remainder of our trip. We did that yesterday and also dropped by the first place (to collect my earphones that were missing in action) to catch up with the host—a very friendly and chatty man, who had gone great lengths to help me get my lost bag back.
Roughly speaking, place A costs 3x, place B costs x and place C costs 2x. Both A and B had great hosts; C didn’t. I am likely to re-stay (as I have) or recommend A and B to anyone over C. I guess what I am trying to get to is the truism: we almost always remember how people make us feel over everything else.
For the little amount I’ve travelled, I’ve come to respect customer facing jobs in the hospitality industry so much more than I used to before. A lot of them fake it; they’re probably not good at it. Being genuinely interested in serving people, who could be potential assholes seems tough. Some are really gifted. And you can’t help but notice earnestness—whether in work or demeanour. I know it isn’t for me; I’d rather stay a potential asshole than come face-to-face with a real one.
Until next Mo—Sunday,
📹 Song of the week
OK listen, here’s the secret video. It’s unlisted which means no one without a link can watch it. Tap on the video. I hope you like it.
❤️ Things I liked this week
  • This interview of Casey Neistat: I’m a huge Casey fan. Also, I totally loved the first five minutes where the host opens up and gets so vulnerable.
  • On Green Dolphin street: This classic. I heard this for the first time in a class I audited at Berklee and my jaws dropped as I watched everyone play this. Have been in love ever since.
  • This faceless vlog : I really like the quiet style.
  • Yummy food we had at a lovely cafe. These secret pics are not going on social media. Screw Instagram. These are one hundred percent exclusive pictures for you, the reader. NOBODY CAN SEE THEM!—k bye.
It looks eerily similar to this other cafe
It looks eerily similar to this other cafe
located on the other side of the world
located on the other side of the world
in Bangalore
in Bangalore
Google 'Rogue Elephant, Basavanagudi'
Google 'Rogue Elephant, Basavanagudi'
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