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🎤 I uploaded a video song after 5 years

Sunday Slant
🎤 I uploaded a video song after 5 years
By Sumeru Raut • Issue #22 • View online
Hey friends,
I hope you’ve been well and won every argument you had this week.
I’m keeping it real short today.
I was hell bent on uploading a video before today’s newsletter. Yeah, one of those crazy promises you make to yourself and ensure everything suffers in the process. So I did that.
The youtube algorithm came over me this week and I stumbled upon Bill Withers’ song ‘Just the two of us’ a lot.
I felt like translating it into Hindi. Then I thought ‘what if I sing it?’; there isn’t just one way to butcher a classic.
The last time I uploaded myself singing, I was still a young man in my twenties. It was in 2015.
I hope I don’t take another six years to upload the next.
Have a great week!

📹 My video of the week
Just the two of us | Bill Withers Cover in Hindi
Just the two of us | Bill Withers Cover in Hindi
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🐦 Tweet of the week
This kind stranger said nice things about my blog. Was I happy? Hell yeah.
Next, looking forward to being totally abused by someone anonymous.
Sreedeep Ramesh
@SumeruRaut @AliAbdaal Great job buddy and your blog is so good. Cheers
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Sumeru Raut

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