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😰 I have severe 'purchasing anxiety'

Sunday Slant
😰 I have severe 'purchasing anxiety'
By Sumeru Raut • Issue #25 • View online
Hi friends,
Congratulations on not punching anyone in the face this week. It’s Sunday Slant #25—"silver jubilee". (Also, I need a favour)

I was confined to my room and glued to my laptop this week; watching one too many videos and researching about tech gear.
‘Researching stuff before buying’ is an issue with me.
I thought I had gotten better in the last six months, but doesn’t look like it. I still ‘research’ for longer than I should.
It’s a problem.
I have always been anti-stuff. I hate ‘stuff’. I own very little of it. This isn’t due to experience, it’s just my natural predisposition; an attitude passed down from my grandmother and my parents. I’ve disliked owning stuff way before minimalism became trendy. (Ugh, that word)
I love my grandmother a lot. I spent very many vacations with her as a kid (mom’s mom). She is an overachiever. She fed many mouths as a young person, became a grandmother at 44, had a successful double career—as a manager at a day job and a theatre/tv actress—and recently healed a broken hip. Today, she calls me on WhatsApp (why I still have the terrible app), sends voice notes, emojis and types in multiple languages. She sends gifs. She is 83.
'papa' means 'baby' 👵 👶
'papa' means 'baby' 👵 👶
The one thing she has been throughout her life is non-materialistic. Her simplicity influenced me hugely growing up.
That doesn’t mean she won’t tell me from time to time “if you become too creative, at least you need a wife who will make money and feed you”.
She is one of the funniest people I know. Her endless wit and sarcasm cracks me up. Did I tell you I love her a lot?
(I am saving writing about her for my 100th blog post.)
My mother is very similar to my granny in that she seldom buys anything. But she has a different problem; she can’t let go of ‘stuff’ and will keep things from years ago, in the hope that it will be useful to her or “someone”. This turned me into a person who abhors owning stuff. Not to mention, my dad hates stuff.
And in my twenties, I watched people froth at the mouth while discussing their latest purchase—phones, car, TV, clothes, gadgets. The fetish and rat-race pushed me further away from buying shit I didn’t need.
I must mention all this “coincides” with my ultra-low bank balance. Often, I just don’t have the money to buy stuff, probably because it has rarely been my priority.
I go to the supermarket with a list. Always. I pick the exact supplies on the list and dash towards the exit. I return things from Amazon aggressively.
But I realised this week, my reluctance to press ‘buy’ has gone to the extreme. I have tipped over and developed a severe ‘purchasing anxiety’.
Earlier this week, I spent more than two days researching the best value-for-money tripod, in addition to some other tech thingies. After careful picking and choosing, I added the items to my cart. But I let it sit there for another two days. I don’t know what miracle I was waiting for. I was unsure if I had made the right choice and if I needed it all in the first place.
I’ve never owned a tripod. I need one to shoot. I’m a filmmaker. This is work. But I just couldn’t stop feeling like I was being wasteful. The permutations and combinations I made with “renting vs owning vs do I need it now” were endless. I slept at 4 am for two nights in a row.
I eventually had to call my girlfriend and discuss my cart items to get a different perspective. We decided that I could ditch one item. But despite this, I sat there, hesitant to buy other things I had taken days to research. My girlfriend stayed on video call for 45 minutes encouraging me to finally press ‘buy’ and I made my way through it. Phew.
Once it was done, I felt such relief. I relaxed. Then I started worrying about—"what tf is wrong with me?“
Anxiety acts out is many ways. I need to act before this one becomes a classic in my life. I would like to end on a philosophical note: if I sought help with this issue, would it still be called retail therapy?
Have a great one!
P.S. I’ve just not been able to write I hope I can this week. We’ll see!
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Sony Mix Voices
Sony Mix Voices
I couldn’t record a song this week. But here’s a video from a promo shoot from for Sony from 2012. Lol.
❤️ Things I liked this week
  • Do things that don’t scale - I might have heard of this essay for as long as it has been in existence. I finally got around to reading it. This essay, by Paul Graham, was worth all the hype. It is a lesson in ‘user acquisition’.
  • This 20 minute movie by Casey about being a father is so moving. Beautiful.
  • This fantastic 23 min video explains YouTube virality. Lovely old school presentation.
  • This Casey vlog, 7 mins long, on camera gear vs storytelling. Casey’s videos age so beautifully.
  • This interesting article on the creator economy and the upcoming ‘new renaissance’.
  • This 8 minute rant video about age, accomplishments and social media. Completely resonated with me. Can’t wait to get wiser.
  • What does Amazon do? This 2017 Quartz article on Amazon. I was looking for masks this week, making my way through counterfeit ones on amazon and I had the question ‘Is Amazon just a courier company?’.
  • r/PhonesAreBad is forum on reddit that makes fun of ‘criticism of smartphones’. Sometimes we just like to shit on technology. Comic below:
I love reddit
I love reddit
🐦 Tweet of the week
Tim Urban
The path of a maturing thinker. In order to get to Grown-Up Mountain and start real learning, you have to brave the cold winds of Insecure Canyon. If you're not willing to say "I don't know" for a while, you might spend your whole life on Child’s Hill.
I think I have been in the ‘insecure canyon’ for the past two years. 2021 has all been about making my way out of it :)
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