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💉 💪 I got vaccinated!

Sunday Slant
💉 💪 I got vaccinated!
By Sumeru Raut • Issue #20 • View online
Hi friend,
Hope you have had a wonderful start to June.
I have some good news to share. I got the first dose of Covshield vaccine. Getting vaccinated is great news in itslef, but this is particularly exciting for two reasons:-
  1. There is an acute shortage of vaccines all over India (especially my state).
  2. Covishield—developed by Oxford and AstraZeneva—is the only vaccine approved by WHO as of now; which means it is one problem less, should the need to travel arise. 👀
Booking the vaccine slot was a chore in itself and, might I add, a matter of great luck. I will be writing a detailed blog post on How to book the Covishield vaccine appointment (click to see if it’s ready).
Shout-outs to Suchdeep Juneja and Ayush Chaudhary for making a telegram channel and a chrome browser extension respectively, which helped in booking the vaccine slot. Without them, getting the Covisheld vaccine right now seems next to impossible.
Early on, in May, when the slots opened for 18-45 year olds, I spent a few days trying to book a slot for myself. But it seemed impossible and worse than tatkal train booking—no sooner were the slots open, than they would get filled. I gave up in a few days.
After three weeks, I returned with a renewed determination. I even fell as low as installing the ghastly Arogya Setu app (a privacy and design nightmare). It proved useless.
Finally on 3rd June, after six+ hours of poring over tweets/videos and attempts to book, I got to the ‘confirm appointment’ page. It is the fastest I have ever clicked. And boom—I got a slot! This was a much needed shot in the arm… OK sorry.
But my centre was a 125 kms away!
After much deliberation, I decided to bite the bullet and go. (The closest Covishield centre is 85 kms away, this was a matter of another 40 kms.)
This was one time the overthinking was necessary because there is a lockdown in place, my bike has a registration from a different state—the cops would have a field day.
I left at 5:30am, got the jab and was back by 1pm—in total I had travelled 250kms for the dose 1 of the vaccine. It was all worth it.
The techies are at the forefront of receiving the vaccine, leveraging their coding skills. The next group might be the likes of myself, who are able to use computers satisfactorily. For the rest of the people—the bulk of the country—I can’t even begin to imagine what it must be like to get the vaccine. All this for a paid vaccine! (Rs.900/-)
I just hope we all get vaccinated really fast and get off this hellish ride.
It was surreal to be back in the city and amongst traffic after so long. I can’t wait for life to return to normal again.
If you are looking to book a slot for yourself, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’d be glad to help you with it. You can just reply to this email. (No, I won’t be charging any money, what’s wrong with you?!)

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📸 Insta pic of the week
I sneaked into a wedding and they gave me the first dose of Covishield
I sneaked into a wedding and they gave me the first dose of Covishield
❤️ Things I liked this week
  1. Read: Why does Bollywood use the offensive practise of brownface in movies? Did you ever understood the logic behind Hritik painting his face with Complan, to show that he was a ‘struggling’ teacher in Super 30? Neither did I. This article tries to explore that.
  2. Web Application: - an encrypted open-source alternative to Google Drive. You can collaborate online with others too. It is privacy-focused by default. Like all things encrypted, if you forget the password, everything is wiped out.
  3. Song: Poongatru—Ilayaraja is a musical hero of mine; some of the greatest harmonies I have ever heard in my life are from him. It was his 78th birthday this week and a friend shared this tune from 1982. I loved it!
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Sumeru Raut

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