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🦠 I got the damn bug

Sunday Slant
🦠 I got the damn bug
By Sumeru Raut • Issue #49 • View online
Corona… extra.

Hello friend,
I jinxed it. I went too far in my gratitude in the last issue. Pfft. I was down with fever, cold and cough for last four days, but am on the mend today. I got myself some Omicron flavoured Covid. And co-incidentally, my parents did too (I told you I jinxed it). They’ve fully recovered.
The only thing of significance I’ve read this week is the Omicron FAQ by Harvard Health. It’s actually put together really well. Have a read yourself.
So, I’ve nothing important to say this week other than:
Test. Test. Test. Isolate. Isolate. Isolate. Test some more.
See you this Sunday,
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Sumeru Raut

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