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I blogged everyday for 30 days! 🎉

Sunday Slant
I blogged everyday for 30 days! 🎉
By Sumeru Raut • Issue #2 • View online
(…well almost)

Hi friends,
We finished a month of 2021 already!
I hope you had a great first month. January is always special. It has the promise of a new beginning and the reality check of overambitious resolutions coming to a grinding halt.
Now that delusions like eating healthy and sleeping on time are behind us, we can go back to cosying up with our 4am friend, our smartphones. I know I have. ugh! But that is also, in part, because—🥁drumroll
I completed one month of writing everyday!🥳
(I didn’t post for five days though 👁)
(I didn’t post for five days though 👁)
All my articles from January👇
Announcement 📣
I am trying out comments on the blog this month. I encourage you to post your reactions and comments to my articles under them.
And you can do it anonymously if you wish!
There is no way to figure out who the commenter is (Commento is extremely privacy focused, which means your data stays away from Big Tech and I get to read what you think🙂)
I made a video to show you how to comment 👀 watch it below👇
Comments are live on
Comments are live on
Market manipulation and the rich getting poorer
I understand nothing about stocks and I own none whatsoever. So, this, obviously, is not financial advice of any kind.
Something happened on Wall Street this week and the internet is losing its mind. My interest was piqued because Reddit was at the centre of it. Reddit—a social networking site filled with memes, gifs, horny teenagers, is irreverent and absurdly silly (and as profound at times)—had brought institutional investors and hedge fund managers, who play with billions of dollars, on the brink of bankruptcy?!
It sounded like the future was finally here.
I am following this bit by bit and trying to understand.
The below tweet is a good place to start if you can read English.
Also watch this video, which seems very English.
Also watch this video, which seems very English.
And watch this, if Hinglish is your thang!
And watch this, if Hinglish is your thang!
News organisations are calling this moment historic but they only dispense information in hyperboles, so you can’t take them too seriously.
But when the world’s second richest man, calls out for scams in the stock market when his net-worth is only soaring, it might be worth taking notice.
Elon Musk
u can’t sell houses u don’t own
u can’t sell cars u don’t own
u *can* sell stock u don’t own!?
this is bs – shorting is a scam
legal only for vestigial reasons
That’s it from me this week. Hope your Sunday has been great so far.
I’d absolutely love to hear from you.
Just press reply and start typing.
See you next Sunday. Stay slant.
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Sumeru Raut

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