Sunday Slant

By Sumeru Raut

📹 I am starting a YouTube Channel





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Sunday Slant
📹 I am starting a YouTube Channel
By Sumeru Raut • Issue #19 • View online
Hi friends,
Hope you had a good May. We have passed peak summer, so that’s good news.
Sometime in 2011, a batchmate at university showed me this music video, which had then gone viral. I was very impressed. That day I decided that I, too, was going to start a YouTube channel.
I am finally starting it now, in 2021, after ten years; I am happy.
I wrote a longish blog post, talking about the conflicted feelings I had. I think you will find it interesting.
This year for me has all been about taking action, doing things, getting my hands dirty, messing up and learning.
I must mention that a tweet thread by Ali Abdaal (linked below) gave me the final push to drop everything I was doing, hit record and post a video.
Have a lovely June!

🤳🏽 My YouTube channel
✨ Make a Scene - Weekly Screenwriting
I haven’t been able to ‘screenwrite’ this week. I’ll still leave this thread of an idea here. Hopefully it is ready in two days:
✍️ Blog posts this week
❤️ Things I liked this week
Filmmaking is a sport: This is one of my all-time favourites by Casey Neistat.
Why make videos on the internet: the sentient YouTube algorithm suggested this video to me this. Casey Neistat is one of my favourite creators. This is such a compelling video where he makes the case for ‘why you should make vidoes online’.
How (not) to miss a deadline: I felt personally attacked. I particularly liked the 6th point—"systems problem". Sigh.
How to increase productivity: Jack Conte is one of my favourite creators on the internet who embodies the word ‘creator'—singer, keyboardist, drummer, programmer, music producer, director, editor (exceptional!), artist, builder, maker and… the CEO of Patreon.
YouTube is (not) filmmaking: This lovely video talking about the difference in editing for films vs youtube videos.
🐦 Tweet of the week
Ali Abdaal
Starting a YouTube channel is the single best thing I've ever done in my life.

Here are my top 10 tips on how to get started on YouTube 👇
It was particularly reading the 1oth tweet in the thread—"Stop reading this thread, get out your phone, start speaking, and upload it using the YouTube app.“
I did exactly that. Thanks, Ali.
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Sumeru Raut

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