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I am recalibrating my daily writing challenge 📝

Sunday Slant
I am recalibrating my daily writing challenge 📝
By Sumeru Raut • Issue #12 • View online
Hey friends,
I hope you are flourishing.
I started my blog earlier this year with the intention to publish an article everyday—actually with the intention to write everyday, but without the public accountability of having to post, I knew I wouldn’t write.
I had a good start.
But for the past month or so, I have gone off-track. I don’t think I fully understood the challenges of taking on something like this. I think I understand it now: it is really difficult.
It is especially difficult for someone like me, who is new to writing, doesn’t read enough and is trying to find his own writing style.
Yesterday was the 100th day of 2021 and I counted how many days out of those I hit ‘publish'—65 posts till date (53 articles and 12 issues of Sunday Slant). So I have missed posting on 35 days. That’s an entire month of not posting.
I know it is pointless to get caught up with numbers. It is not numbers I’m chasing (frankly, those are 65 posts I hadn’t written before that I am happy to have written now!), but I took up a challenge and I cannot continue to describe myself as 'everyday writer’ on my website and elsewhere, when I am not writing every day.
Honestly, I am not a ‘writer’; posting a few blog posts does not a writer make. That line in my bio is merely aspirational. (Also, I mean to use ‘everyday’ as an adjective, meaning ordinary. hah, you didn’t see that coming, did you? thanks.)
I am rambling.
Since I want to continue using ‘everyday writer’ on my Twitter bio, I am recalibrating my writing challenge that I took on earlier this year. I’ll also make it bold, to terrorise myself a bit.
Starting tomorrow, i.e. 12 April 2021, I will publish an article every single day on my site for a full year (six articles every week and one newsletter every Sunday).
(phew. that’s a lot of attention drawn to myself.)
That’s it. I am not bringing this up again. We aren’t talking about this again in the future either. Over. Done.
Back to Seth Godin.
There were a series of inspirations through last year, that led me to come online this year. Seth Godin was the sole reason I decided to write publicly every day. The man has been writing on his blog every single day for the past fifteen years at least. I’ll let that sink in.
I got very inspired by him and thought—yup, that’s what I want to do, write every day on a website thingy.‘ (I even made the favicon of my site like his, because I was having analysis paralysis.) He writes about marketing, design and entrepreneurship. Until I read his stuff, I thought all of marketing was bullship. His posts are easy, light and short: Seth Godin’s blog
Until next week,

✍️ My article this week
Podcast recommendation: Akimbo
Seth Godin also has a podcast. It’s called Akimbo. It is great! He’s a really good storyteller.
Here’s an episode on ‘Writer’s block’ (where he has me convinced that it is entirely possible to write every day).
No such thing (as writer's block)
My offensive Tweet of the week
Sumeru Raut
Two is a company, three is a wet market in Wuhan.
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