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I am coming back on social media 🤖

Sunday Slant
I am coming back on social media 🤖
By Sumeru Raut • Issue #8 • View online
Hey Friends,
Hope you are doing fine. Hope at least one person you know has taken the vaccine, if not you yourself.
I am coming back on social media.
I know that sounds ridiculous when everyone seems to be leaving it. I ‘left’ Facebook in 2013 (deactivated my account). Although I do not plan to return to that ghastly site, I am returning to its gaudy cousin, Instagram. And Twitter, YouTube, Linked in and what not.
Why? I have things to say, and I need to go where the listener is. It is the largest/fastest distribution channel that exists and it is totally ‘free’ (you pay with your privacy). I hope to write more about it in a post soon.
So I am on these sites now. And I am here only to publish. It is completely self-serving. I intend to follow no one; that does two things. One, it brings only genuine listeners to me and two, it keeps at bay those who love drama—"you didn’t follow me so I won’t follow you back.“
And who the hell am I to suggest that everyone should stop scrolling and just live their life?! So follow me.
That’s it.
Have a great one!

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For more such terrible videos, subscribe
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