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“How to get rich without getting lucky”

Sunday Slant
“How to get rich without getting lucky”
By Sumeru Raut • Issue #3 • View online
Hi friends,
I hate clickbait titles, especially the ones around money-making. I know that sounds really insincere given the title I’ve used for this email. Allow me to explain.
On 5th May 2020, at the peak of COVID lock-down, I was doing the most exciting chore of washing dishes while playing a youtube video in the background. At one point, the speaker said, “I’m only regurgitating everything Naval says.” And he went on to throw out some great ideas.
Once I was done, I looked up the name and stumbled upon a series of podcasts, blog posts and a cult-like following for this person: Naval Ravikant.
I spent the next few days consuming all his content. I found some incredible advice and novel ideas. I was besotted.
Eventually, I stumbled upon his phenomenal video, that might turn out to be an inflection point in my life, hopefully for the better.
Naval Ravikant, in the three hour masterclass, breaks down a lot of concepts involving work, career, money-making and makes some predictions for the future.
I know it isn’t exactly ‘modest’ to be speaking about money in the open. But precisely because of such repressions, the conversations around money have gotten so contorted, that one is either declaring from rooftops “Money is terrible, the root of all evil” or is found frothing at the mouth discussing their latest purchase in a social tug of war, making sure no one enjoys their soup.
Anyway, this video was an eye opener for me. It started an internal churning that eventually led to me to starting my website. I’m afraid what else the inspiration will make me inflict upon you and others.
I hope you find it as insightful as I did. And if you don’t, er… judge me?
As always, I’d love to hear from you. Just reply to this email and your missive will find me!
Have a lovely Sunday.

My blog posts this week (12 min)
How to get rich without getting lucky
How to Get Rich: Every Episode
How to Get Rich: Every Episode
Naval Ravikant says he used a click bait title, because people, like myself, fall for it. And I’m glad I did in this case. ‘Getting rich’ is just one aspect of the many things the video covers.
This podcast appearance👇
Naval Ravikant | The Angel Philosopher
Naval Ravikant | The Angel Philosopher
If the previous video is overwhelming/boring/disgusting make sure you listen to this interview of his!
His Joe Rogan appearance is more famous, but not as good.
His viral tweetstorm
How to Get Rich (without getting lucky):
Or just read his viral tweetstorm that made him mainstream. Highly recommend following him on Twitter.
Book I'm currently reading
When I started my blog 40 days ago, I got recommended this book- Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life The title is self-explanatory.
It is hilarious! I’ve only started reading it, but the two chapters have been very funny. Thanks to my friend Shayar for the recommendation.
(Book link is an Amazon affiliate link)
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Sumeru Raut

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