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🌪 Cyclone Tauktae got no chill

Sunday Slant
🌪 Cyclone Tauktae got no chill
By Sumeru Raut • Issue #18 • View online
Hey friends,
Hope you’ve had a good week.
This week was full of ups and downs. Cyclone Tauktae came visiting and even though I was safe and sound at home with family, it wreaked quite a lot of havoc.
A google search will yield all the crazy things it has done. But I am not talking about the news. I’m not into that anymore.
I speak only of what I witnessed.
The power went out on Sunday and came back on Wednesday. It was gone for 72 hours straight. I can’t even remember the last time I was away from modern amenities for that long.
Internet is still it’s own thing but I don’t consider electricity ‘modern amenity’ anymore. May be I am spoilt brat. It was crazy to poop in the dark and sleep with no fan for three nights straight.
The winds travelled at crazy speeds. It was humbling to watch some areca trees snap in half. I got the opportunity to climb on top of the water tank and tie a cloth over its opening, right under the torrential rain. This, so we could harvest some rain water into the tank (since there was no power and we could run out of water any moment).
Why not just leave the tank lid open? Because my father deeply believes in the power of frogs. He is the village-bred, so we all have to just listen to him.
Anyway, it was freaky and wonderful, all at the same time.
This week I also discovered that I have had a relapse of my BPPV, because I’m a seventy-five year old man. It’s a harmless vertigo/instability that usually happens to old people. It goes off on its own but is annoying as hell. You constantly feel light-headed. I have had it twice in the last eight years and it lasts anywhere between a days to a few months. I hope it leaves my body soon and enters somebody else’s body.
I am waiting to take the vaccine. I am losing patience. There is a shortage.
Hey sorry, I am just annoying you with health related stuff.
My family will be heading into the city soon. We have been on a sabbatical for long in the village.
We all need a change. I know I do.
Have a fantastic week!

✨ Make a Scene - Weekly Screenwriting
I struggled to write this. Again. It is a small scene. But I seem to get really nervous about posting.
It is funny because—probably, no more than a countable few read the screenplay. But even then, I find it so difficult to post them openly ‘for the world’ to see.
I can feel it get easier, though.
Click below:-
✍️ My articles this week
📺 TV show I liked this week
I watched numerous interviews of Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s so I could magically start writing like her. In one of them she mentions Louis C.K.‘s Louie being a massive inspiration for Fleabag. And I thought, “Wait a fucking minute—PWB and Louis C.K.?!” That’s a match made in heaven.
I have loved Louis C.K.
Sure, he got cancelled and what not—probably rightly so. I think it is despicable what he did, without a doubt.
But I cannot deny his genius. Louis C.K. is the one of the funniest things I have watched.
I absolutely loved Horace and Pete when it came out. So all I needed was the little nudge from PWB and I jumped to watch the show, Louie.
It is simply amazing—the writing is just exquisite. Watch it:
Did you enjoy this issue?
Sumeru Raut

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