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Contradictions are the spice of life

Sunday Slant
Contradictions are the spice of life
By Sumeru Raut • Issue #44 • View online
Or was that ‘variety’? Welcome to Sunday Slant!

Hi Friend,
How is the onset of winter looking? Are you excited?! Good.
I’ve been married for ten days now. I’m happy to confirm it still seems like a good idea. I went to the courthouse two days ago to collect my marriage certificate and the lady at the desk asked me, “What’s your full name again?” After I answered, she said, “Oh, didn’t your wife call me this morning?” I did a double-take and replied, “yes”. Then I stood there grinning ear to ear like an idiot, unable to stop myself, in that mundane government office. That moment marked the first time someone used the word “wife” to describe my… wife. Congratulations forty-something lady at the courthouse, you are the chosen one. (Also, thank you for trying to pronounce my name correctly on the two occasions you saw me.)
I’m sorry this email isn’t coming to you on a Sunday. Once every five or six Sundays, I struggle to write anything at all.
We had some fun family time this week. For one, I played scrabble with my father-in-law (please indulge me as I have fun using these new terms) and was beaten to a pulp, first by my wife and then my FIL… so much for being a ‘Scrabble-head’; I fell in love with Scrabble as a teenager, while losing to unsurmountable scores of 300+, playing with my uncles. I learnt all tricks of the game from them. I really enjoy the game and was happy to find my enthusiasm for it revived.
I also went on a hike. It’s the biggest I’ve ever done, a 12km loop. It was really scenic and, in fact, not as tiring as I thought it would be; either I was excited by the hike or I’m, somehow, extremely fit without having worked out in years (I know, it was just excitement.) There were some very picturesque lookouts.
I caught myself looking at the fall leaves and thinking, ‘damn, I am really outside India, making myself feel at home’. This is the first time I am witnessing the entire fall season. It has been wonderful.
I’ve not been able to shake off the idea of starting a vlog. I had a false start some months ago. I’ve no idea why I want to do it. And a daily one at that. I hesitate to even write some things about myself, how the hell does filming my life and putting it out there for anyone and everyone to see, seem appealing to me? I think it’s disgusting. I am tempted to do it. I feel like I need the rigour of everyday storytelling. Even if I do, I plan to schedule videos in advance, so that significant time passes between the release of the video and the happenings in my life. And Also, it seems a lot more private, since privacy and vlogging (of all things!) are diametrically opposite. I’m a man of contradictions.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
See you three days,
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Sumeru Raut

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