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An uneventful week this summer, is a good week 🌻

Sunday Slant
An uneventful week this summer, is a good week 🌻
By Sumeru Raut • Issue #15 • View online
Hey friends,
I hope you have had another successful week in keeping the virus at bay. Even though it is early to let any guard down, there is some positive news with the cases going down in cities like Mumbai.
So let’s continue to stay masked. 😷
This week I wrote about how I tease my nephew and why I should be more patient with him in order to win his affection. I wrote about the one incident that made me stop drinking and driving forever. And, lastly, I wrote a difficult article about having ‘aggressive self-acceptance’; I struggled with the article so much, oof!
Summer is officially all over India.
I hope you are having mangoes. I can’t believe I spent the entire summer last year not eating any mangoes. The biggest agenda after the lockdown relaxes, is to buy more mangoes (and beer); we are running out of stock here.
I have had an uneventful last week of April 2021, which means I have had a great week. Here’s hoping for a similar May for all of us.
That’s it from me this Sunday.
Here’s my question for you this week: what was the one thing you read or watched or listened this week that you really really liked?
Take care.

My articles this week (10 mins)
Reading recommendation this week
Death is the only truth — A grim and heartbreaking account of what is happening on the ground in Delhi this week. This is not another bad news thrown at you. The article humanises the statistics. (If it’s behind a paywall, open link in incognito window to read for free.)
‘Anymore’ vs ‘Any more’ — I often look up things on Grammarly. Here’s a quick interesting read about the difference in the two usages.
Hanging by the sacred thread — It’s odd that I haven’t shared an Arré article on the newsletter till now. Here’s one by the co-founders of Arré itself, a blog (and content platform) that has hugely inspired my writing style.
Video Recommendation
This has to be the most relatable TED talk I have ever watched. It is funny. It is given by Taika Waititi in 2010 (ten years prior to him winning his academy award for Jojo Rabbit).
The Art of Creativity | Taika Waititi | TEDxDoha
The Art of Creativity | Taika Waititi | TEDxDoha
Meme of the week
I like this dark meme. Do you? 👁
(posted by u/yomohiro in r/antinatalist)
(posted by u/yomohiro in r/antinatalist)
Did you enjoy this issue?
Sumeru Raut

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