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50th Post 🐣

Sunday Slant
50th Post 🐣
By Sumeru Raut • Issue #6 • View online
Hey friends,
I hope you are flourishing and hope you wasted only three minutes instead of three hours when someone sneaked in a snarky comment, while asking you for a favour.
Today is special because I am getting to meet family after a year. How grateful I am to see my nephew who has grown a little taller and a little more mischievous, since I saw him last. I have refrained from mentioning the pandemic—there, I used the ‘p word’, for the first time since I started my blog—but it is difficult to forget how surreal life has become. Oh please, stop saying ‘new normal’. It isn’t… is it?
February is over. Boom. I missed posting articles on 6 days. Not very happy. But some pieces took long, because they were tough to write—like my smoking series. You access parts of yourself that you are afraid to put out in the open for the world to see. I guess that is why I’m doing this in the first place. And may be that is why many wrote to me that they liked those articles in particular. I’m learning so much.
44 articles and 6 newsletters later, I have reached my 50th post :)
I have been sending my articles on WhatsApp every day to those who responded to my WhatsApp status. Honestly, I was just holding myself accountable. Everyone was kind enough to not refuse being spammed by me every day for the past two months. Not a single person protested.
I thank each and every one of you. It is the single biggest reason I have gotten into the habit of writing and posting every day. It has gotten progressively easier to put myself out there. Thanks people, seriously! (Special thanks to those who responded often to my articles, on WhatsApp or otherwise.)❤️
Moving forward, I will be sending every day only to those who want to receive it. So, do message me on WhatsApp if you want to keep things as they were and continue receiving my daily article (or reply to this mail to be added)🙂
I will, however, continue to send this Sunday newsletter on both WhatsApp and email, every week.
Have a lovely March!
Sumeru (

My blog posts this week (10 mins)
Unsolicited advice of the week
Sumeru Raut
Quit every WhatsApp group that’s active.
Thank you Daft Punk
My dear friend Smitha was the bearer of bad news earlier this week—Daft Punk broke up. I had ‘Random Access Memories’ on loop all through 2014-15 and it got me through a low period.
Their split feels like a personal loss.
‘Touch’ was included in their goodbye video. The song was already poignant in a raging pandemic and now with the duo parting ways, it is especially so.
Touch - Daft Punk ft. Paul Williams
Touch - Daft Punk ft. Paul Williams
Watch this video for a brief history of Daft Punk
Watch this video for a brief history of Daft Punk
The French History Podcast
Legendary electronic music duo Daft Punk performing without helmets in 1993, their first year together.
Did you enjoy this issue?
Sumeru Raut

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