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😐 50th Issue

Sunday Slant
😐 50th Issue
By Sumeru Raut • Issue #50 • View online
Quantity over quality. Welcome to Sunday Slant.

Hello Friend,
Today is my fourth day with no symptoms. I’ve recovered. I can step out of my isolation and meet people, but that doesn’t guarantee a good time. That still depends on the quality of conversations and everyone’s collective will to resist being assholes. So nothing changed after all.
After the initial annoyance, getting Covid has strangely been ‘comforting’. I almost felt guilty for not having the virus, since it first graced us with its presence about two million years ago. The whole world seemed to be suffering from it and here I was somehow ‘unaffected’ by it all—yet another way of feeling disconnected with everything around me.
Everyone seems to have moved on from death and economic downturn, and are now happy to high-five while discussing symptoms and how mild they were. Can’t wait to be 75:
“Back when we had Covid, we all suffered from social media. hahahaha.”
I’m happy, now. But, was it worth having it? Absolutely not. I’ve no idea what the repercussions of this or my former decade-long smoking habit are. I’ve no time to worry about it, because I keep myself occupied with Twitter.
My cousin, who often keeps me abreast of the happenings of Bangalore, sent me this beautiful piece of art. Below is the original monologue by uncle. He’s frustrated with Covid and has things to say. Uncle, please sit down. BP yerta ide yellrudu (Everyone’s BP is increasing).
Anyone who uses the phrase "drama fellows" holds a special place in my heart.
Anyone who uses the phrase "drama fellows" holds a special place in my heart.
In some not-so-funny news, my grandma is not doing too well. She seems to be showing signs of dementia. The other day she wouldn’t eat and protested so much that the entire family intervened taking turns calling her. My sister and I had to stay on video call, pleading her to eat. She finally did, reluctantly. Next day, the same thing ensued. We sang songs she likes and tried every trick one possibly could on a video call, but she wouldn’t eat.
She repeats herself, doesn’t fully recognise family members, is perpetually horizontal, often in pain and shriveled up. My biggest wish for this year is that her suffering ends. It has gone on for two years and she has been on a steady decline. I hope life doesn’t get to play out its cruel realities to the fullest. I hope she gets to exit stage gracefully. Athough, a funny thing did happen—she pointed to a picture of herself from 7-8 years ago and said, “that’s my younger sister, she’s very beautiful.” Her vanity is intact.
My resolution is falling apart. Er… I’m going to use Covid as an excuse. Also, this is a transitional period. I feel unsettled. So, that’s another excuse right there.
Hey, did you see the banner image and all? Yeah that’s the gift I’m giving myself for writing this email for 50 consecutive weeks (and inflicting my design choice on you). Yellow drop shadow—you’re welcome.
50 issues done. Sheesh this is seeming endless…
I’ll see you next week,
❤️ Things I liked this week
  • I watched Tarkovsky’s student film, The killers. It’s based on Hemingway’s short story by the same name. I haven’t watched any of the great master’s films. So I started with his first. I loved this video where he has a message for young people.
  • Here’s a very very moving account of someone with extensive stage lung cancer, with two weeks to live, reflecting on their life.
  • Subscribing to the western idea of ‘India’: Film critic M K Raghavendra is not very easy to please. He writes about the state of Indian Indie films; formulaic and tailored for film festivals. Unless they get validated from a European film festival, India doesn’t take its independent filmmakers seriously. Ergo, filmmakers are keen to appease the west. I agree with his take.
  • Your attention didn’t collapse, it was stolen. This guardian article is worth your time.
me until last week
me until last week
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