Doing the Bare Minimum



Doing the Bare Minimum
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Hiya friends,
‘Perfect is the enemy of good’.
This quote has haunted me since the day I first read it. For me, it can also mean ‘perfect is the enemy of done’. Too often, people (including myself) mistake progress for perfection. We spend time focusing on the tiny details without considering whether the project is moving in the right direction. And most of all, we are confused by the word ‘done’. Since there is always something more that can be changed or tweaked to make it ‘more perfect’, there is no possible way something can be ‘done’. I’ve learned that sometimes doing the bare minimum is more than enough. In fact, sometimes it is synonymous with ‘perfect’.
I came to this realisation when I submitted two university assignments in my second year of medical school. The first, I poured countless hours into and tried to make it more interesting/unique than what I thought my peers would write. I spent late nights changing the colours of my graphs, overthinking words I’d written in my introduction and adding complexity to the task. For the second assignment, I did exactly what the professors had asked of me, no more and no less. I finished it about 4 days early, rather than 4 minutes before the submission deadline. And as you can probably guess, I did better. Significantly better.
What is the lesson here? Perfection prevents progress. The more time we have to work on a project and dwell on it’s imperfections, the less perfect it looks. When we are forced to be happy with it as it is, we work in a more focused way. Sometimes doing the bare minimum is better than doing too much.
I hope you have an incredible week,

Weekly favourites
🎙Podcast - Emily Baldoni: The Invisible Work of Women | The Man Enough Podcast is a fascinating discussion about the importance of communication and gender roles, especially in relation to motherhood. I love listening to podcasts that give me a perspective on something I haven’t experienced myself!
📖 Book - In preparation for my next year of university, I’ve been reading the book How To Read a Paper by Trisha Greenhalgn. It’s a book I would recommend every medical student (or anyone who wants to read medical research) should read.
🎬 TV Show - After a long break from watching TV shows, I started watching New Amsterdam and it’s such a good medical drama!
🎨 App - If anyone is looking for a good app for editing pictures, I would highly recommend looking into Lightroom and finding some good presets (I get some of mine from Etsy and make my own too). It’s an incredible app and the free version is more than enough for most people!
💻 Article - I recently read ‘41 Things You Should Say “No” To To Become The Person You Want To Be In Life And Business’, which I highly recommend reading!
Quote of the week
“Have no fear of perfection - you’ll never reach it.” -  Salvador Dali
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